Dubai: Gulf Karnatakostava, a one-of-its-kind event that pays tribute to the heritage, culture, and contributions of Karnataka’s legends in the gulf region, is all set to grace the heart of Dubai on September 10, 2023-followed by dinner. Hosted for the first time in the UAE, the gathering promises to be an evening of celebration, bringing together dignitaries and artists from around the world.

The highlight of this year's Gulf Karnatakostava is the prestigious ‘Gulf Karnataka Ratna Awards 2023,’ an inaugural accolade that recognizes outstanding individuals who have made remarkable contributions to Karnataka's legacy. At the awards ceremony, which will take place in the Grand Hyatt Dubai's Baniyas Ballroom, outstanding leaders will be recognized for their accomplishments. The attendance of distinguished Chief Guest, Honorable Sri D.K. Shivkumar, Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, India, and the Guest of Honor, Shri U. T. Khader, Speaker of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, India, underscore the event's significance on a global scale. The Royal Family Member of the United Arab Emirates' presence will further lend the occasion a touch of regal grace.

Over 1000 guests are expected to attend Gulf Karnatakostava, which promises to be an evening of cultural performances, musical renditions, and artistic showcases dedicated to honoring Karnataka's rich heritage. The gathering of prominent businesspeople, celebrities, politicians, and cultural icons from Karnataka will create a special forum for intercultural dialogue and engagement.

According to Gulf Karnatakostava organizing committee, "We are truly excited to bring Gulf Karnatakostava to Dubai, a city known for its diverse and vibrant cultural scene. This celebration of Karnataka's accomplishments, as well as a chance to highlight the talents that enhance our heritage, represents the fusion of various cultures.”

Media partners play a vital role in amplifying the significance of such events, and this partnership will ensure that the event's grand scale, inspiring stories, and captivating performances reach a global audience, fostering greater awareness and appreciation for Karnataka's rich cultural tapestry.

About Gulf Karnatakostava-Dubai

Gulf Karnatakostava is an annual festival that celebrates the culture, heritage, and contributions of the people of Karnataka, India, on a global stage. With a focus on cross-cultural engagement and celebration, Gulf Karnatakostava aims to bring together diverse communities and honor the achievements of Karnataka's finest individuals.