The Center of Excellence for Human Resources at The Zubair Corporation, in its endeavors to maintain a high caliber of awareness towards human resources regulations and legal affairs, has organised its first Human Resources Forum for this year. The forum discussed various aspects, among which, the Personal Data Protection Law and its executive regulations, which were presented by researcher, Ms. Bashaer Yaqoub Al Hosaniyah, a legal affairs researcher from the Legislation Department at the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology. Likewise, Mr. Hamoud Khamis Al Sulaimi, Head of Human Resources Department for the Real Estate Development Sector at The Zubair Corporation, presented the group’s leave management law, in addition to a number of topics related to human resources management.   

The forum was attended by a number of executive managers from The Zubair Corporation, human resources managers and employees from the Zubair Group companies, and representatives from the Social Protection Fund. The Center of Excellence aims to develop a wide scale of awareness across the group with regard to legal affairs organising the relationship between the establishment and the employee. The organisation of this Forum comes within the framework of the Center’s endeavor to foster an environment of mutual collaboration between the management and the human resources, through developing an attractive and accommodating work environment within The Zubair Corporation and its subsidiaries.      

Ms. Bashaer Al Hosaniyah spoke about the Personal Data Protection Law and its executive regulations and shed light on many other topics related to this law, its definitions and general provisions, duties and powers of the Ministry, the rights of the personal data owner, the obligations of the controller and processor, and penalties.

Mr. Hamoud Al-Sulaimi, Head of Human Resources Department for the Real Estate Development Sector at The Zubair Corporation, provided an overview of the group’s leave management policy, types of leaves and the general guidelines applied to the leaves policy, which is part of The Zubair Corporation’s Human Capital Policy Manual.

Sharifa Al Balushi, Head of the Center of Excellence for Human Resources, confirmed the Center’s keenness to develop the current legislations related to the human resources in a manner consistent with the government legislation and The Zubair Corporation future vision. She pointed out: “This is why we discuss the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Law in our organization and its subsidiaries and the leave management law in The Zubair Corporation, which is in line with the decision issued by the Social Protection Fund. She also confirmed that during the forum, many new and existing policies in human resources management were reviewed and general frameworks were developed to achieve and enhance efficiency within The Zubair Corporation and its subsidiaries.

Bashaer Al Hosaniyah said: At the beginning, we thank The Zubair Corporation for giving us this opportunity to shed light on the applications of the Personal Data Protection Law and the available devices to protect personal data through enacting legislation and penalties. She explained: “This comes within the framework of the government’s endeavor to simplify procedures, apply modern technology in various services and enhance electronic facilities, to correspond to the ongoing transition to the e-government which increasingly demands a sound protection of personal data.  

The Zubair Corporation is one of the leading economic groups in the region, founded in 1967 and has become, over the years, one of the largest commercial establishments active in many sectors such as oil and gas, automotive, tourism, heavy industries, information and communications technology, and others. It employs thousands of individuals in its subsidiary companies. The Zubair Corporation is proud of its sustainable social and cultural activities, such as Bait Al Zubair, which is a cultural and heritage hup, and the Zubair Small Enterprises Center providing entrepreneurs with various types of assistance to establish and develop their business activities. The Zubair Corporation, within its strategic vision, support a comprehensive and sustainable development in the Sultanate, consistent with Oman Vision 2040.