The Ajman Chamber Youth Council, in cooperation with the "Happiness and Quality of Life Council" of the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), organized a workshop entitled “Positive Thinking for Self-Improvement” to develop skills and improve the personal and professional performance of Ajman Chamber employees.

This Workshop, which lasted for two days at Ajman X, included a series of sessions and practical exercises to support the development of personal and professional skills, as well as mechanisms for adopting positive thinking strategies, the ability to deal with challenges, improving effective communication, and managing time in innovative ways.

Mona Saqr Al Matrooshi, Board member of the Ajman Business Women Council (AJBWC) - First Vice President of the Happiness and Quality of Life Council of the Ajman Chamber, emphasized the importance of positive thinking in supporting mental health and enhancing the employees' contribution to developing the work environment, improving services, and initiatives. She praised the workshop for including open discussions among the participants to exchange experiences and ideas.

For her part, Maryam Al Nuaimi, Chairperson of the Ajman Chamber Youth Council, explained that this workshop is part of the Ajman Chamber's strategy to enhance the efficiency of human capital and create a happy and motivating work environment. She emphasized that adopting a culture of positive thinking contributes effectively to strengthening institutional belonging and loyalty among employees, which is positively reflected in the level of performance and quality of service delivery.

The participants praised the importance of this workshop and its role in raising awareness and improving the quality of life at both the personal and professional levels. They also emphasized the need to organize similar workshops, as they play an important role in improving the work environment and breaking the routine.