NBK’s Head of Corporate Communications, Manal Al Mattar, said that NBK’s “Do Good Deeds in Ramadan” philanthropic drive, initiated by NBK since nearly 30 years ago, is leveraging innovative approaches this year.

For almost three decades, the Ramadan program comprised a series of activities and initiatives aimed at encouraging community engagement and solidarity in Kuwait. “NBK hopes to encourage a greater sense of responsibility during the holy month”, Al Mattar noted.

Ramadan tours

NBK Ramadan Social Program 2023 includes distribution of Iftar meals via special convoys that will tour round different areas in the country.


NBK staff volunteers have already finalized all necessary arrangements for Ramadan. NBK staff volunteers will manage and supervise the distribution process and tours arrangements.

Fast breaking boxes

Dates and water will be offered to fasters driving at the iftar time. NBK volunteers from different branches will be distributing the boxes of dates and water to fasters.

Dama Tournament and gergean in Mubarakiya

NBK will be launching a group of fun activities every weekend throughout the holy month including
Dama Tournament in addition to organizing During  Gergean events for children in Mubarakiya.

Eidiya withdraw

Towards the end of Ramadan, NBK cars will tour in different areas every day to withdraw eidiya.

Various recreational activities every weekend throughout the holy month.

أنشطة ترفيهية متنوعة في نهاية كل أسبوع طوال الشهر الكريم.

Various recreational activities every weekend during the holy month,

أنشطة ترفيهية متنوعة في نهاية كل أسبوع خلال الشهر الفضيل ،

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Promoting Health and Wellbeing

NBK will be visiting different parks in Kuwait after iftar and will be challenging people to win prizes. This initiative aims at promoting positive health effects and wellbeing.

Collecting Plastic in collaboration with Omniya

NBK and Omniya will collaborate during Ramadan to collect plastic wastes in different locations in Kuwait.  This initiative will save hundreds of cubic meters in Kuwait’s landfills and save the environment knowing that plastic takes hundred years to degrade in landfills.

Graish event for Employees

Also, NBK organized recently a Pre-Ramadan gathering (Graish) in honor of its employees at Grand Hayatt–Kuwait. The friendly gathering drew a large number of NBK’s Executive Management and staff members and brought NBK family closer.