• Health authorities showcase initiatives and projects envisioning the future of healthcare.
  • Health Entities unveil 3D Digital Metaverse Assessment Service for Health Professionals &Innovative Thermal Imaging Technology.
  • Three entities announce successful integration of Riayati, "Malaffi," and "Nabidh".
  • UAE health authorities announce official launch of the national drug tracking system, "Tatmeen."

Dubai: The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), Department of Health- Abu Dhabi and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) have wrapped up another successful participation in the 48th edition of Arab Health 2023, which took place at the Dubai World Trade Center from January 30 to February 2.

During the four-day event, the three entities showcased a series of innovative health services as well as its latest smart health initiatives tailored to enhance the competitiveness and effectiveness of the health sector.

The current edition is particularly special as it brought together the three entities under one platform, "Emirates Health" showcasing their seamless integration and collaboration.

The platform was a hub of activity at the event, attracting a large number of visitors, including officials, dignitaries, and interested parties. They gathered to exchange insights and expertise with government bodies and top local and global private enterprises.

Visitors were introduced to cutting-edge projects and initiatives aimed at shaping the future of healthcare, aligned with the principles of the 50, which prioritize preventive health care. The displayed initiatives focused on preventive health, innovative digital services, and sustainable concepts, to enhance the quality of life and health across the UAE.

Integration of Riayati, "Malaffi," "Nabidh"

The event has seen the three entities announcing the successful and seamless integration of the National Unified Medical Record (Riayati), DoH’s "Malaffi" and DHA’s "Nabidh" platforms. With this sophisticated link, patients' health data will be unified on a national platform, elevating the quality of medical services and granting access to a globally standardized integrated health system.

National Program for Human Organ Donation

The UAE health authorities have also showcased the latest developments on the National Program for Donation and Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues (Hayat). Launched in 2016, "Hayat" aims to promote and enhance national efforts to save the lives of patients with organ failure, alleviate the suffering of their families, and improve their quality of life, particularly for those with heart disease, pulmonary failure, cirrhosis, and kidney failure. The program is set to support the country's efforts to lead by example at the regional and global level in the area of human organ and tissue transplantation.

Tatmeen Platform

As the event drew to a close, the three entities announced the official launch of "Tatmeen" national drug tracking system. The first of its kind in the region, the platform will enhance the security of the UAE's medical supply chains by providing real-time tracking and tracing of pharmaceutical products. Adhering to the latest GS1 digital sequencing standards, the innovative system will monitor each stage of drug production, from manufacturing to patient use. This will elevate health and smart services within the Ministry, and help eliminate adulterated or expired medicines and unauthorized products.

Thermal imaging technology

The Ministry of Health also made a significant announcement, revealing the latest thermal imaging technology. The new technology will allow healthcare providers to make use of cutting-edge innovations and position the UAE as a leader in the field, as one of the first countries to adopt this technology. It brings numerous benefits to patients, including faster and more precise diagnoses in various fields.

From detecting diabetic foot inflammation to monitoring surgical sites, and even analyzing psychological states through facial temperature analysis, this technology will improve the healthcare experience. Its reach extends even to thermal oncology, marking a revolution in the field.

3D Digital Metaverse Assessment Service

Additionally, MoHAP launched an innovative service to evaluate healthcare professionals, including doctors and allied practitioners, using cutting-edge "Metaverse" technology. The innovative assessment service seamlessly integrates the real, virtual, and digital worlds, enhancing the delivery of both government and private healthcare services. It will also enable the Ministry to remotely evaluate health practitioners while streamlining procedures, maintaining data security and verifying medical certificates through AI.

Life Sciences System for Healthcare in Metaverse

Also during the event, the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi has unveiled the "Life Sciences System for Healthcare in Metaverse" to enhance Abu Dhabi's position as a leading destination for innovation in life sciences. This virtual platform aims to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and health care providers to exchange knowledge and experiences and create a virtual version of the emirate's health care system.

The "Life Sciences System for Healthcare in Metaverse" will also launch a virtual headquarters of the Health Department and offer a platform for health care entities to create virtual experiences. In later stages, the virtual platform will give patients access to remote healthcare services.