Dubai, UAE: The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) concluded the eighth edition of the ‘Knowledge Summit,’ which aimed at emphasizing the significant role of the Fifth Industrial Revolution in the development of knowledge cities.

Themed ‘Knowledge Cities and the Fifth Industrial Revolution,’ the summit was held in person between 21 and 22 November at the Dubai World Trade Center and virtually on 23 November 2023. The event served as a major confluence of diverse minds and ideas, attracting a varied crowd of attendees that involved thought leaders, policymakers, decision-makers, experts, researchers, academics, and entrepreneurs. 

Through various insightful sessions and discussions, the summit paved the way for the exchange of profound insights and ideas about knowledge cities and the fifth industrial revolution. This three-day event featured a distinguished line-up of 106 keynote speakers, presenting over 37 in-person sessions and five virtual ones that were streamed on the event’s website and social media platforms. 

His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of the MBRF, said, “The annual Knowledge Summit serves as a significant opportunity to assess and showcase the incredible progress made in crafting a bright future based on awareness, knowledge, and innovation. It also exemplifies the UAE’s firm commitment to shaping knowledge cities by fortifying and enhancing international cooperation in knowledge and fostering sustainable development. We are extremely proud that the summit has developed into a significant global platform for sharing ideas and knowledge as well as forging a better future for all.”

He added, “The Knowledge Summit 2023 provided a unique opportunity for bringing ideas to life and catalyzing transformative change by utilizing knowledge to advance the horizons of digital and green solutions. This year’s edition shed light on a broad range of challenges and issues encountered by our society and witnessed fruitful interactions among leaders, experts, intellectuals, decision-makers, and other participants during the discussions. We hope that the summit continues as an endless journey of discovery, inspiring us to create a future that embodies our goals and aspirations for progress and innovation.”

During the second day of the summit, the MBRF and UNDP announced the results of the Global Knowledge Index (GKI) 2023 in a panel discussion titled ‘Building Knowledge Cities Together: UNDP and MBRF Partnership Towards the Fifth Industrial Revolution.’ The session addressed the crucial role played by both parties in advancing knowledge of cities and the economy. In addition, it also shared the key outcomes and visions of the GKI 2023, shared best practices and innovative solutions for creating sustainable and equitable knowledge cities, and highlighted the future of the partnership between the MBRF and the UNDP and its impact on the development of knowledge cities during the fifth industrial revolution.

The interactive sessions during the summit shed light on prominent topics associated with knowledge cities, the fifth industrial revolution, and the promotion of sustainable development. They also addressed the significance of achieving sustainable development goals in the era of the fifth industrial revolution, in addition to exploring the social perspective of the fifth generation of human society and discussing progress in the biotechnology industry. Furthermore, the session also highlighted the importance of enhancing cybersecurity to meet future challenges, formulating strategies for a waste-free world, the most prominent innovations in digital health, smart solutions for agricultural food security, and various sustainable technologies and solutions that ensure nutrition for future generations.

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