Abu Dhabi, UAE: - After 3 days of hectic activity, interesting discussions, and worldwide engagement, EVIS2023 came to an end on Wednesday, May 31st with exponential success and great appreciation from all delegates and EV industry leaders.

Organized by Nirvana Holding, the summit has drawn considerable regional and global interest and received a great deal of attention from the UAE’s government and private sectors alike, at a time when the country is making steady progress toward a sustainable future. It highlighted the progress made in the UAE in terms of EV technology and infrastructure and some global examples and success stories.  

The two-day conference discussed various aspects of e-mobility and the opportunities and challenges facing the transition to clean transportation. It featured more than 75 sessions, with prominent keynote speakers, presentations, and interactive panel discussions that cover the complete value chain of the EV industry. It has also opened a window for attendants to network, share ideas strike business deals.

With over 100 exhibitors and more than 50 vehicles on display, the three-day exhibition, on the other hand, received over 8,000 environment-conscious visitors who wanted to get acquainted with the latest technologies and innovations in the EV sector. Many of these visitors were enthralled by the opportunity they were given to test-drive a number of the vehicles displayed in the event to have a first-hand experience of the features of each vehicle.

Commenting on the event, Eng. Naser Albahri, Head of the EVIS2023 Organizing Committee said, “Here is a big sigh after months of preparations! We are glad that our efforts paid off and that the event was a real success in every sense of the word. We have heard this from dozens of participants and exhibitors. Key issues were raised and discussed and many deals were struck during the event. We are sure that our next summit will build on this solid foundation.”

Alongside the event, agreements were concluded between the UAE’s Ministry of Environment & Infrastructure and various entities during the summit, including Total Energies, between the Ministry and the Swedish Einride, the leading provider of digital, electric, and autonomous mobility, and between the Ministry and Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority.

“EVIS was a great opportunity for us to meet with our global peers and discuss common challenges facing us. It has also shed light on new inroads made in this industry to facilitate the transition to a cleaner transportation sector. We will be looking forward to receiving a wider audience in EVIS24 as we are sure that this event will have evergrowing significance in this part of the world.” Eng. Albahri added in his comments on the summit.  

The summit’s Technology Park featured the innovations in EV and solar power vehicle prototypes made by the students of various UAE universities and schools including Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi University, Al Yasat School, and Emirates National Schools. Awards were given to the most innovative ideas made by students in the Technology Park. 

EVIS2023 came at a time when the UAE is stressing its commitment to sustainability, calling 2023 the Year of Sustainability. It also came as the nation is getting ready to host the COP28 on climate change later this year. E-mobility is a vital component of any meaningful sustainable strategy as 17% of the world’s emissions are attributed to the transportation sector.

With the overwhelming success of the event, the time is already set for EVIS24! The organizing committee has already booked a space for next year’s summit which will take place on 20-23 May 2024. Initial confirmation of attendance has already been received from many exhibitors and conference participants.


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