United Arab Emirates - Dubai:

In conjunction with UAE Innovation Month "UAE Innovates 2024", Emirates Health Services (EHS) organized a Symposium on the impact of innovation in health care titled "Let’s Talk Innovation", on February 8 at the Youth Center in Emirates Towers, Dubai, to discuss the importance of innovation in the health sector.

The Symposium brought together leading experts and representatives of research institutions, universities, technology companies and medical organizations as well as speakers from the private and public sectors. It provided a platform for sharing ideas and insights on innovation in health care and how it affects the development and improvement of the quality of services, patient care and future research. Throughout the Symposium, it was ensured that all perspectives were showcased in order to build a comprehensive vision of the future of health care in light of modern technological innovations.

Dr. Kalthoom AlBlooshi, Chief Innovation Officer and Director of the Training and Development Centre at Emirates Health Services, explained that the “Let’s Talk Innovation" Symposium is a platform for sharing knowledge, perspectives and learning about the latest developments in the healthcare sector. Adding that in light of today's accelerated technological transformation, professionals from all fields must be in the know of the various new technologies that enhance their alignment with the latest innovations.

Dr. AlBlooshi added that technology has a significant impact on the healthcare sector, and to make the most of its new directions, the Symposium highlights critical topics such as artificial intelligence, supply chain management and their active role in stimulating innovation. Not only that but also reviewing young people's perspective to ensure the participation of the next generation in decision-making on the future of the UAE healthcare sector.

The “Let’s Talk Innovation” Symposium addressed several health care topics, such as artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector: research, challenges and the future of the sector, development and facilitation of the health care innovation strategy, innovations and future directions in the health sector such as supply chain management, and Microsoft's perspective on health care innovation.

Additionally. It reviewed all perspectives in order to develop a comprehensive vision of innovation in health care by hosting speakers from the private and public sectors, as well as representatives of research institutions, universities, technology companies and medical institutions.