The three-day conference from 7-9 December brings together global emergency medicine professionals and leaders on one platform

Puts Spotlight on the transformative impact of health informatics on emergency medicine
Focused sessions on various aspects of emergency medicine, ranging from cardiovascular and critical care to pediatrics, orthopedics, sports medicine, and more.

Abu Dhabi, UAE – Embarking on an unparalleled journey of knowledge exchange and transformative discussions, Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine Conference 2023 (ESEM23) commenced in Abu Dhabi. Taking place at the prestigious Hilton Abu Dhabi, Yas Island from December 7-9, 2023 with the Department of Health Abu Dhabi as Strategic Partner, the conference was inaugurated by H.E. Dr Noura Khamis Al Ghaithi, Undersecretary of Department of Health – Abu Dhabi.

With the enthusiastic participation of more than 2200 experts, the three-day conference is poised to redefine the landscape of emergency medicine on a global scale.

Speaking at the Opening Ceremony, H.E. Dr Noura Khamis Al Ghaithi, Undersecretary of Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, stated, “The events of the past few years have underscored indispensable nature of emergency medicine and the tireless efforts of those who work on the front lines of healthcare. This is why, the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, continues to work with partners in the UAE and beyond to ensure the agility of the sector and the preparedness of the ecosystem to respond to rising emergencies through deploying the latest breakthrough technologies and constantly up skilling its workforce to provide community members with the care that maintains and enhances their physical and mental well-being.”

Adding to the importance of this significant occasion, the conference aligns with the commencement of the Global Emergency Nursing Summit—a vital international symposium that casts a spotlight on the crucial role of emergency nurses. This hybrid event, unfolding over a day, not only acknowledges the barriers to progress in emergency nursing but also celebrates the noteworthy advancements in the field. Through an array of case studies, the summit aims to identify opportunities for transferable concepts, fostering a collaborative environment where localized experiences can evolve into impactful global actions.

Together, these parallel events underscore a commitment to advancing emergency healthcare practices and creating a lasting impact on a worldwide scale.

Dr. Rasha Buhumaid, President of the Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine, set the tone for the conference, stating, "This edition is particularly special as we unite two crucial pillars of emergency care: emergency medicine and emergency nursing. Collaboration between these fields is essential to delivering enhanced care for our patients. This commitment to our patients underscores the importance of working together, marking the initial step in that direction. I am delighted to inform you that we have successfully concluded seven pre-conference workshops, which garnered significant attendance. Additionally, we have an outstanding scientific program ahead, presenting cutting-edge advancements in emergency medicine and nursing care. With an exciting couple of days on the horizon, we eagerly anticipate a time of learning, collaboration, and significant improvement in the care we provide for our patients.”

ESEM aligns with the mission of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine, aiming to create a world where high-quality emergency medical care is accessible to all.

The conference's focus areas include elevating standards through certified courses, hands-on workshops covering critical areas like trauma, ultrasound, and the integration of new technologies such as artificial intelligence. Additionally, there will be focused sessions on various aspects of emergency medicine, ranging from cardiovascular and critical care to pediatrics, orthopedics, sports medicine, and more.

“This year, the conference will spotlight the transformative impact of health informatics on emergency medicine. With the field being time-sensitive and high-pressure, the effective use of health informatics can streamline workflows, enhance communication, and support decision-making, ultimately saving lives”, added Dr Buhumaid.

Complementing the scientific agenda are prominent activities, including the ESEM Awards, recognizing outstanding contributions, an Open Mic Session fostering dynamic discussions, and an Exhibition showcasing cutting-edge advancements in emergency medicine.

Prominent participants, including Dr Amelia Latu Afuhaamango Tuipulotu ( Chief Nursing Officer of WHO), Dr. Ffion Davies (President of International Federation of Emergency Medicine), Dr Jameel Abualenain (President, Saudi Society of Emergency Medicine), Dr Joseph Bonney (President, African Federation of Emergency Medicine), Dr Pauline Convocar ( President of Asian Society for Emergency Medicine ), and Dr Jonathan Edlow (Professor of Medicine & Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School), underscore the global significance of the event and the collaboration among leaders in emergency medicine.

An initiative of the Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine ESEM23, the conferences held annually have grown to be one of the most sought-after conferences in the international platform, providing the highest quality of educational content presented by a stellar lineup of speakers from around the world, more strengthened with ESEM’s International collaborations.

Looking ahead, the Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine envisions leading in advancing education and research globally. Plans include strengthening global cooperation, positioning the UAE as an international hub for education and research, and continuous investment in emerging technologies and skills for the workforce. The society is dedicated to enhancing the overall quality of emergency medicine in the UAE, sharing expertise with regional counterparts, and fostering collaborative healthcare approaches.

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Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine (ESEM)
Established in 2012 under the Emirates Medical Association, the Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine (ESEM) has emerged as a driving force in shaping the landscape of Emergency Medicine in the UAE and the region. With an unwavering commitment to education, collaboration, and innovation, ESEM continues to play a pivotal role in advancing the field. Boasting a commendable track record of achievements, some key milestones include the significant expansion of membership from 28 to over 500 members, creating a robust community of emergency care providers.

ESEM's educational initiatives have been a cornerstone of its success, with the successful organization of impactful symposiums, outreach courses, and an annual Scientific Conference since 2014. The society has also made historic strides on the global stage by hosting groundbreaking international conferences, including ICEM21 and ACEM25, contributing to the advancement of Emergency Medicine in the Middle East and the GCC region.

In addition to its educational and global contributions, ESEM has played a pivotal role in legislative advancements, notably contributing to the introduction of a "Good Samaritan Law" and the establishment of the Gulf Federation of Emergency Medicine. The society's commitment to fostering collaborations extends to partnerships with international organizations, including the International Federation of Emergency Medicine, showcasing its dedication to collaborative initiatives that shape the future of Emergency Medicine.

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