• For the first time in Egypt and the region, Creative Summit hosts Rodger Werkhoven and the alpha team that created GhatGPT
  • Salama: We pride ourselves on being the first integrated creative platform in Egypt and the Middle East. Promoting a creative economy, empowering women, and upskilling youth are our priorities
  • The upcoming Creative Summit Festival will address the role of AI and ChatGPT, government direction towards the creative economy, fintech, women empowerment, entrepreneurship support, and sustainability
  • Rodger Werkhoven: I am very excited to be here in Egypt for the first time, the land of civilization and history, to talk about technology and AI

Cairo:– Creative Summit, a pioneering platform fostering creativity and innovation, has announced the launch of its much-anticipated Annual Festival 2023. This vibrant event takes place at the prestigious Cairo Business Park, in New Cairo, from September 23rd to 25th.

C–S is a disruptive pioneer in the creative discourse with an original spirit that has gained great momentum in the creative scene since 2014 with 9 years of presence with festivals, and award ceremonies in Egypt and KSA. Creative Summit has emerged as a frontrunner in igniting conversations within the creative economy and providing youth with the needed training to enhance their creativity and enable them to stay up-to-date in their respective field of business and further grow it by leveraging creativity and innovation.  

By collaborating with influential policymakers, revered business luminaries, and globally renowned industry leaders, C–S continues to drive meaningful impact. Shaping a Vision for the creative economy under the theme "Driving the Creative Economy to Lead the Way Out", this year's festival promises to be a remarkable convergence of creative minds. Addressing key topics such as government direction towards the creative economy, powering the future through AI, promoting fintech, fashion entrepreneurship, sustainability, marketing & communications, and women empowerment, Creative Summit is committed to provoking insightful dialogues and creating a platform for young calibers, entrepreneurs, and women to upskill and prepare them for the labor market and open a channel of communication for them with business and industry experts.

The event will include a lineup of international, regional, and local speakers to further deepen the conversation and enrich the creative scene. For the first time in Egypt and the region, this edition will witness the presence of ChatGPT. Rodger Werkhoven, Independent Creative Director, OpenAI, the alpha team that created GhatGPT, will talk about balancing AI and EQ which will address the formula needed to guide the creative revolution, unveiling exclusive, historical AI, and AI-generated materials helping with OpenAI. This multifaceted approach, reflects Creative Summit's commitment to nurturing connections, providing educational insights, and offering entertainment within the creative industry. The festival pledges to exceed conventional expectations by uniting visionaries and innovators and expects a gathering of over 4500 creative minds, leaders, and inventors. Over the years, Creative Summit managed to gather more than 14,000 attendees, 1,600 speakers, and more than 55 exhibitors from the creative industry. Creative Summit enabled several leading companies known for their creativity to give more than 420 lectures, host more than 84 panel discussions, and arrange more than 10 workshops.

Mai Salama, Founding Partner at Creative Industry Summit, said “We pride ourselves on being the first integrated creative platform in Egypt and the Middle East. Promoting a creative economy, empowering women, upskilling youth, and connecting them with business leaders and innovators across all industries are our priorities. Over the course of three days, the upcoming Creative Summit Festival will host several panel discussions, creative dialogues focused on knowledge-sharing. As one of the first platforms that brings renowned figures from the creative industry to the Egyptian audience, we aim to create an open channel of communication for the attendees to learn from the speakers and innovators participating in the festival. We will celebrate together inspiring success stories from different industries within the creative ecosystem”.

“I am very excited to be here in Egypt, the land of civilization and history to talk about technology and AI, for the first time with Creative Summit 2023,” said Rodger Werkhoven, ChatGPT Independent Creative Director, OpenAl. “Almost a year ago, Open AI was still an unknown AI research lab. Now, Generative AI is revolutionizing the creative industry, driving the creative economy to lead the way forward. I am looking forward to sharing with C-S attendees our expertise in the field”.

In continuation of C-S success by building upon the tremendous success of the 2022 summit, this year’s festival is a natural progression in Creative Summit's journey to elevate the creative economy's role in shaping the global landscape.

With a collaborative vision geared towards knowledge sharing, Creative Summit has forged meaningful partnerships for the 2023 edition of the festival with key players including Pepsico, TikTok, Visa, Beyti, Nestle, Talabat, Phlog, Misr Italia Properties, Etisalat Misr, MMS, London Cab, Future Scene, MDL Beast, Narrative Summit, Techne Summit, and Cairo Design Week.

An engaging three-day festival promises dynamic and immersive experiences. The first day kicks off with engaging workshops and inspiring fringe activities, setting the stage for an enlightening journey over the subsequent two days. Attendees can anticipate an array of enriching workshops, captivating stages, dynamic activation zones, thought-provoking exhibitions, exhilarating entertainment, and various networking opportunities.