United Arab Emirates:– Building on the success of the "UAE-French Equestrian Days" held in 2021, Business France, the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, launches the second edition of its mission focused on the equine sector, coinciding with the global festival of Arabian horse racing led by His Highness Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the 12th edition of the World Horse Forum.

Business France is supporting a delegation of 10 French companies from November 30 to December 3, providing them an opportunity to immerse in the Emirati equine market, showcase their innovations and expertise, and strengthen existing ties. Over 55 BtoB meetings are organized on this occasion between the French delegation and local companies, stimulating collaborations between both countries and fostering opportunities for French companies looking to expand their international reach.

In the lead-up to the equestrian competitions, the forum on Arabian purebred horses will provide a conducive environment for knowledge and expertise exchange. Numerous roundtable discussions will cover various themes such as breeding session challenges in racing session, the Future Global Racing Session, the Women in Racing Session…and more. Within this forum, a dedicated space for France allows companies to shine and present their unique savoir-faire and offerings, contributing further to the global recognition of Arabian horses.

The “UAE-French Equestrian Days” aim to consolidate, promote, and develop the potential of the French equine sector in the UAE. The diversity of participating companies, specializing in nutrition, health, equipment, and infrastructure, attests to the richness and versatility of French expertise.

The French institutional delegation includes representatives from the French Institute of Horse and Riding (IFCE) and the competitiveness cluster Hippolia. Their main objective is to establish long-term bilateral partnerships, particularly in the field of training. IFCE, as a public operator serving the equestrian sector, supports French equine industry stakeholders in international cooperation actions, fostering closer ties between countries. IFCE takes this opportunity to present the International Conference that will be organized on 14 and 15 of May 2024 in Versailles and in five iconic French horse destinations to gather worldwide specialists of the horse industry and to present French know-how.

Among these delegation companies, Atelier Pravins stands out as a specialist in saddlery and equine leather equipment, emphasizing "Made in France" quality. Equ’Institut, an application dedicated to equine health and training, distinguishes itself with three main objectives: horse health training and information, equine clinical research, and innovation in equine health. Equiways, an expert in safety and biosecurity auditing, represents a consulting company that relies on renowned experts in the field of equine biosecurity. Fornells – Tercail, specialized in structures and coatings for equine races, manufactures the widest range of protections for safety in racing, riding, and events. Novostable,, with its monitoring and surveillance system NOVOSTABLE, offers an intelligent solution dedicated to the well-being of horses. Proximal, a specialist in intelligent lighting, designs and markets LED lighting solutions dedicated to equestrian activities and infrastructures, aiming to improve the well-being, safety, and performance of horses. Signs, a global leader in the development of anti-stress solutions based on pheromones, stands out for its bio solutions based on pheromone analogs discovered by the IRSEA research institute. Sopral, specialized in equine nutrition, offers high-end products promoting horse performance while respecting their well-being. Value Feet, an expert in 3D scanning of the hoof, focuses on the development of innovative technologies and materials, allowing farriers to design and apply the best protection in terms of comfort and performance. Finally, Virus Protect, a global leader in antimicrobial nanocoating, has been deploying its "PhotoACTIVE" innovation in businesses and public spaces since 2020, contributing to safer and disinfected environments.

These companies, each pioneering in its sector, embody the diversity and excellence of the French equine industry.

Marie-Cécile Tardieu, Chief Operating Officer at Business France, stated: "France is delighted to participate today in the Forum and the World Arabian Horse Racing Festival and the Jewel Crown. Business France, alongside French companies participating in the French Equestrian Days organized in close collaboration with the office of His Highness Sheikh Mansour, proudly celebrates the flourishing reputation of the French equine industry. This event serves as a crucial strategic platform, paving the way for inviting Emirati partners in France to discover even more opportunities."

"This mission also represents an unparalleled opportunity for visionary and committed companies looking to integrate successfully into the Emirati equestrian sector. Our participation reflects France's deep commitment to promoting the excellence of its equine industry and forging lasting bonds in the Emirati equestrian landscape and beyond," added Tardieu.

The equine industry in France is a dynamic sector. In 2021, the racing sector generated nearly 7.8 billion euros in revenue, boasting over 8,600 owners and 26,500 active horses. Each year, approximately 18,000 races take place across the country's 235 racecourses. The equestrian passion is supported by 30,800 owners and nearly 2,500 trainers, half of whom operate professionally. Source: Equipedia.

France and the United Arab Emirates collaborate closely to preserve Arabian thoroughbreds, pooling their efforts in partnerships between breeders, knowledge exchange, and joint conservation initiatives. This dynamic collaboration extends to international equestrian events, where both nations underscore the cultural significance of this iconic breed. The United Arab Emirates, as a key player in the equine world, shares a common commitment with France to safeguard the global equine heritage.

The French Equestrian Days are organized in partnership with AIR FRANCE.

To find out more and discover our entire delegation, please click on: https://bit.ly/Catalog_FED23


Yasmina OUARI
Press Officer – Middle East 
Email: yasmina.ouari@businessfrance.fr

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