• Thalassemia is a common disease in the UAE that can be treated using umbilical cord cells.  Top of Form
  • Treating more than 50,000 patients with leukemia and thalassemia with stem cells in the world

Dubai, UAE : The second edition of the Dubai Stem Cell Congress (DSCC) kicks off today at Palazzo Versace in Dubai. Its current edition brings together more than 30 experts and specialists in stem cell treatment from Japan, the United States of America, Sweden, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. 

The Dubai Stem Cell Congress holds exceptional significance as it introduces a new theme, "Connecting Hope." This innovative platform establishes connections between scientists and patients, serving as the cornerstone for the annual Dubai Stem Cell Congress.

The Congress presents different awards such as the “Humanitarian Award,” the Prestigious Award, the “Champions Award” for Best Contribution, “The Great Initiative Mind,” Unique Initiative, and “Academic
ACE”: Best Student, “Ingenious Thinker,” and Best Researcher.

This year's congress introduces the prestigious Humanitarian Award, honoring the legacy of Dr. Hal Broxmeyer. His groundbreaking contributions revolutionized regenerative medicine, benefiting over 50,000 patients globally with cord blood stem cell therapies. This award is to be accepted by his wife, Mrs. Beth Broxmeyer, symbolizing his enduring impact on the field.

"The Great Initiative Mind" aims to acknowledge and inspire the outstanding contributions of scientists and researchers in bringing cutting-edge technologies to the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine in the UAE. The esteemed scientific committee, comprising luminaries and thought leaders from across the globe, ensures that the Congress remains at the forefront of scientific inquiry and technological innovation. 

This year's edition endeavors to elevate the dialogue with a dynamic lineup of more than 30 notable speakers, renowned globally for their expertise in the stem cell industry, with over 18 speakers hailing from the United States of America, ensuring a diverse and enriching exchange of insights and innovations. Prominent luminaries such as Dr. Jacques Galipeau, MD, a distinguished medical professional specializing in internal medicine and oncology, are the Don and Marilyn Anderson Tenured Professor of Oncology at the University of Wisconsin, showcasing leadership in therapeutic development.

Dr. Fatma Alhashimi, Chairman of the DSCC and Director of Hortman Stem Cell Laboratory, stated:
“Today, the Dubai Stem Cell Congress convenes with international experts and industry partners, uniting to raise awareness and highlight the latest advancements in data, stem cell technologies, and innovative applications. The congress offers a comprehensive platform for exploring cutting-edge topics in stem cell research. Sessions cover a wide array of themes, including stem cells and regenerative medicine, stem cells' role in cardiovascular diseases, uncovering insights from stem cell research, and advancements in stem technologies and gene therapies. Through these sessions, researchers and experts delve into the latest discoveries, techniques, and applications, fostering collaboration and innovation in the dynamic fields of stem cell science and regenerative medicine.”

Dr. Fatima Al Hashemi emphasized the importance of raising awareness among community members about the significance of preserving their own stem cell samples or opting to donate them to others. This contribution is instrumental in the treatment of various blood-related diseases, cancers, and immunity disorders, offering individuals the chance for complete recovery from these ailments. Another viable option that Dr. Fatima Al Hashemi highlighted involves encouraging individuals to participate in stem cell research initiatives aimed at advancing medical knowledge and developing innovative treatments for a wide range of health conditions.

She added: "Today, through the opening ceremony, we reviewed the highlights of the success stories of many cases that received cord therapy and reviewed the importance of donating cord to those who do not want to keep it to enable the largest number of patients in the world to have a new lease of life."

The congress addressed several incurable diseases, such as thalassemia, hereditary Fanconi anemia leading to aplastic anemia, and leukemia. The United Arab Emirates stands out as a country witnessing a significant number of individuals affected by thalassemia due to factors like consanguineous marriage. Hence, umbilical cord treatment emerges as a golden opportunity for patients, offering a ray of hope as some can be effectively treated using blood cells extracted from the umbilical cord. Among the heartening narratives shared at the conference, Mahra's story shone brightly, illustrating successful treatment and recovery through this innovative technique. Top of Form.

The Dubai Stem Cell Congress is organized by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions Organization LLC, a member of INDEX Holding. Supported by the Dubai Health Authority, the two-day conference offers 13 CME points to participants.


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