AmCham Kuwait, in its unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), has partnered with the ILO, a leading international organization in labor rights and social justice, to spearhead this significant initiative. The workshop provided a platform for participants to engage in meaningful discussions, share experiences, and explore strategies to combat forced labor and human trafficking. Representatives from government bodies, industry leaders, and other relevant stakeholders came together to address the multifaceted dimensions of these issues.

The event commenced with opening remarks from Pete Swift, Chairman of AmCham Kuwait, who warmly welcomed the participants and emphasized the importance of global challenges that require collective action across the sectors. Swift then introduced Siham Nuseibeh, Technical Officer at the UN's International Labour Organization (ILO) and Mr. John Redfield CTIP Lead for RCC-KU from the U.S. Military.

The workshop highlighted the importance of responsible business practices and encouraged companies to adopt robust policies and procedures to prevent forced labor and human trafficking in their operations and supply chains. Participants gained valuable insights from experts in the field, who shared best practices, case studies, and innovative approaches to promote ethical and sustainable business practices.

John Redfield, the speaker from the U.S. Military spoke about their efforts in combatting human trafficking (Counter Trafficking in Persons (CTIP)), Federal Acquisition Regulations as well as compliance and meeting minimum labor law requirements. Redfield highlighted that companies get an annual CTIPS compliance certification based on their review, and explained the process of remediation if a company is found to be in violation of CTIPs. 

Through educational workshops such as this one, organizers aimed to contribute to the eradication of forced labor and human trafficking, making a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable individuals. This workshop aligns with Kuwait's commitment to uphold human rights and its determination to eliminate all forms of modern slavery. Through knowledge-sharing, capacity-building, and collaborative efforts, the workshop intends to foster a culture of respect for human dignity and promote inclusive economic growth.

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