The Ajman Business Women Council (AJBWC) organized a workshop entitled “Economic Feasibility Study of Household Projects". The workshop aims to raise awareness of the basics of feasibility studies, project development opportunities, and mechanisms for developing marketing, technical, and administrative plans, with the participation of 22 male and female entrepreneurs representing several centers of the Ministry of Community Development in the UAE.

The workshop was presented at the Ajman Center for Entrepreneurship by economic advisor Salem Hassan Al Ghafri, founder of the Rowad Specialized Center for Professional Development.

The workshop dealt with the basics of feasibility studies, including “project data, market study, technical study, environmental impact of the project, financial study, and personal data,” so that the results of feasibility studies serve as the cornerstone for starting to implement projects and ensuring their success. It also shed light on the importance of being familiar with the economic, legal, and technological factors according to the nature of ideas and projects.

Dr. Amna Khalifa Al Ali, Chairwoman of the AJBWC, stated that the workshop is a part of the training map approved by the AJBWC in cooperation with the relevant partners, noting the importance of the workshop and its role in educating women entrepreneurs and businesswomen about the mechanisms for expanding existing projects, and educating those wishing to implement special projects on how to developing a comprehensive vision for projects and making informed decisions regarding ideas and projects.

She praised the effective cooperation between the AJBWC and the Ministry of Community Development in introducing specific initiatives that are in line with the goals of both parties.

Al Ghafri held a special meeting with some employees of the Ministry of Community Development to discuss a feasibility study for a pioneering project that serves people of determination and develops their skills. Opportunities for developing the project were also discussed in cooperation between the Ministry and the AJBWC.