Abu Dhabi: The 10th International Conference in Dermatology and Aesthetics (AIDA) has kicked off on Friday in Abu Dhabi. Attendance at the event is estimated at approximately 750 international experts, doctors, lecturers, dermatology, cosmetic and laser specialised societies from the GCC, the Middle East, and international specialized societies.

Over three days, the participants will address the most recent developments in dermatology, cosmetic and anti-ageing medicine, lasers and cosmetics. In addition, they will discuss the novel and pioneering treatments for a range of skin-related conditions, as well as application of evidence-based strategies and practices.

Sponsored by the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi, the event will continue from 24th to 26th of May at Conrad Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi, featuring 60 local and international experts and specialists, who will present their expertise in dermatology, aesthetics and lasers.

The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi has accredited participation in the conference with 16.5 hours of continuing medical education, while the European Board of Continuing Medical Education accredited it with 18.5 hours.

Dr. Khaled Othman, Founder and Conference Chair, Consultant Dermatology & Aesthetician, stated that AIDA-2024 would address a range of novel developments in the treatment of skin diseases, noting that the scientific committee of the conference had been meticulous in selecting pivotal topics and eminent experts and specialists to present their research and medical experiences at the conference.

Opening the Conference, Dr. Khaled said that it would address the most recent developments in dermatology, dermatological surgery, cosmetic dermatology, anti-ageing techniques and laser technology. In addition, the Conference will feature contributions from UAE and international participants and leading experts, who will present their unique insights and innovative ideas in the field of dermatology with the aim of serving the healthcare sector in the UAE, the Middle East and the world.

He expressed gratitude to the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi and the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi for their assistance in ensuring the success of the conference.

For her part, Dr. Huda Rajab, Chair-Elect and Co-Chair of the Dermatology Program, Chair of the Dermatology Department at AHS-SEHA in Abu Dhabi, stated that the conference would address a number of scientific and research papers on skin diseases and novel approaches to their treatment, in addition to showcasing the latest devices employed in the treatment of skin diseases. The discussion would focus on three main themes: dermatology, aesthetics, and training courses.

The most noteworthy papers presented on the first day were those by Dr. Sahar Al Nowais on the impact of smoking, e-cigarettes and cannabis on the skin, and by Dr Amin Al Awadi, Consultant Dermatologist at Salmaniya Medical Complex in the Kingdom of Bahrain, on dermatological medications during pregnancy.

One of the sessions on the first day of the conference was dedicated to injection therapies, particularly botulinum toxin and its status as the most popular treatment in cosmetic dermatology. Temple injection techniques were also discussed. A seminar on the treatment of atopic dermatitis and alopecia areata was delivered by Dr Huda Rajab, Co-Chair of the 10th International Congress of Dermatology and Aesthetics, Head of the Dermatology Programme and Head of the Dermatology Department, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) Outpatient Treatment Services (OTS).

Dr. Fatima Al Farsi, an Emirati physician and specialist at the Institute of Precision Medical Specialties at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, and Dr. Fatima Hassan Al Marzouqi, co-chair of the conference's scientific committee, presented on significant topics in dermatology. Also, Dr. Hassan Galadari, a Consultant Dermatologist and Associate Professor at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, UAE University, discussed the use of lasers in the treatment of acne and acne scars.

AIDA will present the latest technological and medical advances in the diagnosis and treatment of dermatological conditions, laser therapy, and aesthetic procedures. Approximately 20 exhibitors will showcase the most recent devices and medical equipment related to dermatology, aesthetics, and lasers at this year's exhibition.