Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Drone Champions League (DCL) is thrilled to announce the finale of its DCL24 DRONE PRIX SPLIT 1, to be held during the inaugural DRIFTx event and Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi from April 25-27. This landmark event concludes the first split of the thrilling DCL24 virtual season and also marks the highly anticipated return of Real-Life Drone Racing, accompanied by the DCL BIG DRONE Show.

In collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League (A2RL), DRIFTx, – and DRIFTx´s anchor partner, Bayanat – DCL is elevating the drone racing experience to new heights, showcasing the skill of the world’s top pilots across both virtual and real-world competitions. The partnership with A2RL, DRIFTx and Bayanat, highlights DCL’s commitment to technological advancement and community engagement.

The race weekend kicks off with the quarter and semifinal of DCL’s first Split of 2024 on April 25th and 26th during the DRIFTx event at the Bayanat Pavilion. The grand finale on April 27th will be held in collaboration with A2RL at Yas Marina Circuit. This promises an unforgettable climax to the competition, setting the stage for the ultimate virtual showdown of aerial prowess.

In addition to the high-stakes competition, the DCL BIG DRONE Show promises to illuminate the skies above Yas Marina Circuit with a breathtaking display of advanced drone technology. Attendees will  have the opportunity to engage with "DCL - The Game" simulators, hosted at the Bayanat booth, as well as educational experiences with professional DCL drone pilots through workshops and interactive sessions.

"DCL´s activities in Abu Dhabi represent a milestone for drone racing and our ongoing efforts to blend the thrill of sport with the latest in drone technology and autonomous mobility," said Markus Stampfer, Executive Chair of DCL.

The event will showcase the talents of the top six teams competing for the championship title of the Drone Champions League 2024 and will highlight their capabilities, strategy, and tenacity. This celebration of innovation and skill in drone racing positions Abu Dhabi as a global leader in hosting premier sporting and technological events.

Event Details:

Dates: April 25th - 27th, 2024
Location: Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Activities: DCL24 DRONE PRIX SPLIT 1 Finale, Real Life Drone Racing, DCL BIG DRONE Show, Public Workshops and more;

About the Drone Champions League:

The Drone Champions League is the premier international league for drone racing, bringing together elite pilots worldwide to compete in spectacular settings. By integrating cutting-edge technology with thrilling sports competitions, DCL is forging a new era of mixed-reality entertainment. With remote controls in hand, while wearing video goggles, the world’s most skilled drone pilots fly against each other in teams through multidimensional racetracks. FPV (first person view) drone racing means that pilots can only see what the drone sees. Spectators can experience racing drones at a speed of almost 200 km/h maneuvering through complex three-dimensional racetracks on site or via stream.


A2RL, the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League, was created by ASPIRE. On April 27th the first autonomous car race of the league is held at Yas Marina Circuit.

ASPIRE works as the technology transition pillar of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), ensuring a clear path from technology to the customer. By connecting technical innovations and customer problems, ASPIRE helps create new forms of competitive advantage, creating transformation technologies that help customers compete and win in the global market.

About Bayanat

Bayanat, an ADX-listed public company with majority shareholding by G42, provides comprehensive world-class AI-powered geospatial solutions to a growing number of sectors such as Government Services, Environment, Energy & Resources, Smart Cities and Transportation. Its offering includes topographic, hydrographic, and aeronautical products and charts, as well as spatial data surveying, analysis, management, modeling, visualization, and cartography services. Bayanat’s solutions harness vast amounts of premium and unique data from a range of sources including Satellites, High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) and Earth Observation powered by AI to drive geospatial intelligence (gIQ).

About DRIFTx

DRIFTx is an international thought-leadership and exhibition platform dedicated to advancing the future of smart, autonomous, and sustainable mobility across air, land, and sea. Supported by the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) and Abu Dhabi’s Smart & Autonomous Vehicle Industry (SAVI) cluster, DRIFTx is a leading global event to showcase the latest in advanced urban mobility, driving discussions, collaboration, and innovation across the sector.

To learn more about DRIFTx, please visit https://driftx.com/ and follow DRIFTx on LinkedIn: DRIFTx Abu Dhabi, Instagram: @driftx_ad, X: @DRIFTx_AD, and Threads: @driftx_ad.


On the 18th of December 2023, the Board of Directors of each of Bayanat AI PLC (Bayanat) and Yahsat recommended a merger of the two entities to its shareholders. The proposed merger aims to create an AI-powered space technology champion in the MENA region with global reach. Bayanat and Yahsat will continue to operate independently until regulatory approval is received and the merger is effective, which is expected to take place in mid-2024. Visit the merger microsite for more information: www.asharedambition.com   

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