• YallaHub, a leading marketplace aggregator and digital distributor, is thrilled to announce a strategic сooperation with Synergetic, a pioneering, sustainable, eco-friendly brand. This collaboration aims to invigorate the UAE Home & Laundry Care Market, which is projected to reach $534.3 million by 2024.

Dubai, UAE —  YallaHub is poised to revolutionize the UAE's Home and Laundry Care market by introducing Synergetic's innovative and sustainable solutions. The latest data suggests the largest segment in this market is laundry care, which is expected to account for a market volume of $253 million. By 2024, it's anticipated that 14.6% of the total revenue in the Home and laundry market will stem from online sales.

Furthermore, home and laundry care revenue in the UAE market is projected to reach $75.66 million by 2024, with market penetration increasing to 7.3% in 2024 and 8.2% by the end of 2028. The user base is expected to reach 0.8 million by the end of 2028. This presents a great potential for Synergetic to capitalize on the market growth.

In particular, the brand anticipates achieving a monthly turnover of 50,000 AED within a year, with subsequent plans for expansion to Saudi and a launch on various e-commerce platforms. YallaHub will support the local official distributor, Mayus [FZCO], along with its marketing activities.

Synergetic's diverse array of home-care and self-care products is exclusively composed of natural surfactants, ensuring they are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Leveraging cutting-edge scientific knowledge and natural organic ingredients, Synergetic offers a range of balanced products for environmentally aware consumers, families with small children, and skin-sensitive people.

"While the UAE is just starting to embrace environmental awareness and sustainability, mirroring global trends, our research suggests a significant online demand for home and laundry care goods, presenting a potential entry point for sustainable offerings in this growing market," said Leo Dovbenko, CEO of YallaHub.

Michael Mariyakhin of Synergetic's official distributor in the Middle East Mayus echoes this approach: "Partnering with YallaHub unlocks the vast potential of the MENA Home and Laundry Care Market, allowing us to reach a wider audience and contribute to a more sustainable future."

The collaboration between YallaHub and Mayus aligns with growing consumer preferences for natural ingredients, sustainability, and personalized solutions in the UAE's home and laundry industry, which is expected to reach USD 462.94 million by 2029.

About YallaHub

YallaHub is a quick-commerce as a service (QAAS) platform. That helps brands easily cross borders and reduce time to market entry. Provides brands with technologies and infrastructure to scale within the GCC region: imports, warehouses, storage, fulfillment, logistics, payment gateways, customer service teams, access to third-party aggregators and marketplaces, marketing tools, and own last-mile delivery. Founded in 2021 by Leonid Dovbenko and has already raised more than $14 million in total funding to date, now expanding in the GCC region.

About Synergetic

Synergetic is a company that provides safe and effective cleaning products for the whole family. It uses 100% eco-friendly and hypoallergenic ingredients derived from natural plant-based sources. Its products are formulated with a love for science and a deep respect for nature, ensuring both efficacy and sustainability.