DUBAI, UAE/PRNewswire/ -- With its grand opening in Dubai on January 29, the 49th Arab Health would last until February 1, 2024. Shanghai MicroPort Medbot (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MedBot™") attended the conference with their Toumai™ four-arm laparoscopic surgical robot (Toumai™). During the exhibition, Toumai™ completed the world's first cross-border 5G ultra-remote simulated surgery verification, spanning nearly 7,000 kilometers from Shanghai, China to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This achievement  showcased the highly stable, reliable, and safe tele-surgical system of the Toumai™. It drives the global development trend and industrial transformation of minimally invasive surgery, bringing new medical options to patients worldwide through continuous innovation.

During the exhibition, numerous local medical institution managers, as well as medical experts and scholars from all over the world, visited the booth. During the verification, the staff controlled the Toumai™ patient's cart at the Dubai booth through the surgeon console in Shanghai, performing precise and smooth surgical actions such as dissection, traction, clamping, cutting, and suturing. Despite the nearly 7,000 kilometers of distance, and using only a small 5G SIM card, the simulation surgery proceeded without any signal lag or operational delay. The various surgical actions were almost synchronous, and the communication between the two locations was smooth and well-coordinated.

On site, it was evident that the remote simulation surgery verification had clear visibility throughout the process, with stable operation of the robotic arms and flexible instruments. The cutting and suturing effects were indistinguishable from local surgeries. Even in a regular 5G network environment, the Toumai™ robot demonstrated its precise identification, accurate dissection, and meticulous resection capabilities, fully showcasing the system's stability, the precision of the robotic arms, and the dexterity of the instruments.

So far, Toumai™ has performed over 100 human clinical tele-surgeries in multiple departments, covering nearly 30 cities in China and connecting more than 30 hospitals. It has achieved a series of landmark records, including the farthest surgical distance exceeding 5,000 kilometers, more than 70 surgeries of level three and four complexity, over 10 consecutive surgeries, including multiple consecutive surgeries of level four complexity such as radical prostatectomy, and more than 15 records of the world's first tele-surgeries.

SOURCE Shanghai MicroPort Medbot (Group) Co., Ltd.