• TONOMUS and Monstarlab focus on shared commitment to excellence, innovation and unlocking new opportunities and with that in mind have entered into an MOU.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: TONOMUS, NEOM’s cognitive technology and digital infrastructure subsidiary, today announced a strategic collaboration with Monstarlab, a global digital consulting firm, to explore the delivery of world-class professional services to both NEOM and Saudi Arabia.

The collaboration signals a mutual commitment to excellence and innovation at a time when rapid advancements in technology are creating a surge and shift in customer demands. TONOMUS and Monstarlab will work toward forging a partnership for specific customer opportunities, paving the way for transformative solutions that add value to the end user.

Joseph Bradley, Chief Executive Officer, TONOMUS, said: “TONOMUS is committed to developing groundbreaking solutions that consistently push the boundaries of what’s possible. Thanks to the strategic alignment of vision and values that our work with Monstarlab will deliver, we will be able to elevate the delivery of professional services in pace with NEOM’s progress, while meeting the dynamic and evolving demands of our home market.”

Central to the agreement is the enhancement of TONOMUS’ go-to-market approach, leveraging Monstarlab’s extensive experience and capabilities to deliver an unrivaled standard of professional services. By sharing best practices and collaborating on pre-sales, advisory, and consulting services, both companies will unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation, designed to seamlessly integrate solutions into the fabric of society.

Hiroki Inagawa, Chief Executive Officer, Monstarlab Holdings Inc., said: “The collaboration between Monstarlab and TONOMUS brings together two dynamic forces, each contributing unique strengths and capabilities. Our companies share synergies that extend beyond mere business interests. We share a vision for transformative impact and a mutual commitment to excellence and innovation at a time when rapid advancements in technology are creating a surge and shift in customer demands.”

Mark Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Monstarlab International Markets, added: “This strategic partnership is an opportunity for both companies to generate unprecedented value. In the spirit of collaboration and innovation, we eagerly anticipate the exciting journey ahead with TONOMUS.”

TONOMUS and Monstarlab will explore opportunities for technological innovation, product development, and operational delivery, with a shared focus on continuous progress and customer satisfaction. Leveraging Monstarlab's portfolio of capabilities, the two companies aim to redefine the landscape of delivering professional services and developing products in Saudi Arabia, setting new standards for excellence and driving sustainable growth.


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TONOMUS is a world-leading technology enterprise powering the world’s first ecosystem of cognitive technologies at NEOM. Evolving from its technology and digital sector, it is the first conglomerate to be established as a subsidiary of NEOM, a region in Saudi Arabia charting the course for a new future fueled by pioneering technologies. TONOMUS’ digital infrastructure will be the operating system of NEOM, enabling the bold ambitions of its communities and industries. It will co-invent the future of living with groundbreaking cognitive technologies in partnership with global tech-industry leaders. TONOMUS will leverage accurate, protected data residents share to deliver predictive and personalized services based on their day-to-day needs. Its solutions will be powered by unrivaled connectivity and computing capability, as well as cutting-edge AI and immersive technologies, all underpinned by global security standards.

TONOMUS is the trademark name of NEOM Tech and Digital Company, a single-shareholder limited liability company incorporated and registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with commercial registration number 3550138270 and fully paid-up share capital of SAR 500,000 and registered office at Building 4758, Al Khuraybah 49643, additional no. 9163, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For further information, visit https://tonomus.neom.com/

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Monstarlab is a global digital consulting firm, specializing in digital innovation, design, and technology solutions. With a presence in over 20 countries, Monstarlab leverages its diverse expertise and global network to drive value and create impact for clients across industries.