• The analysis showed that Kraft's investment in TikTok led to a 1.8x higher ROI compared to Nielsen's Digital regional benchmark.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: TikTok continues to drive effective business impact for brands, and Kraft Foods has tapped into the platform's potential in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A Marketing Mix Model (MMM) analysis conducted by Nielsen, demonstrated TikTok's ability to deliver an impressive return on ad spend (ROAS), showcasing the potential of TikTok’s creator-centric content and community, while creating a new model for other brands to adopt a marketing strategy that yields incremental sales.

Kraft’s use of MMM, a measurement solution leveraging historical data, reflects a strategic approach to examining the sales effectiveness of marketing activities. The aim is to fine-tune advertising tactics and optimize delivery mediums based on insightful analysis. Kraft’s exploration of TikTok’s potential has been examined through a comprehensive period spanning from May 9, 2021, to April 30, 2023.

The latest MMM analysis shows TikTok’s significant impact on Kraft’s performance: delivering an impressive 1.8x higher return on investment compared to Nielsen's digital regional benchmark. The analysis not only provides Kraft with valuable insights on optimizing TikTok strategies but also emphasized the importance of maintaining a consistent presence on the platform. TikTok facilitates targeted opportunities for brands to create impactful moments of discovery, awareness, and engagement. Beyond specific metrics, the platform's dynamic environment offers a unique space for brands like Kraft to forge meaningful connections with their audience while enhancing the potential for sustained impact and resonance in the evolving landscape of digital media.

Vipul Jain, Head of Measurement, Middle East, Africa, Turkey, and Eastern Europe at TikTok shared, “The advertising industry has changed significantly in the last decade, especially in the past five years. It has played an important role for companies entering new markets such as the KSA, and it’s important for brands to strategically use their media spend to reach new audiences.” He added, “I’m glad to see that TikTok has delivered excellent results for Kraft’s business and pursuit of KSA market penetration. Our measurement solutions offer flexibility and simplicity to meet each advertiser's specific goals. Ultimately, we're here to help brands make smart choices with TikTok’s solutions, and our suite of measurement tools is designed to boost overall business impact.”

MENA Regional Marketing Lead for Kraft, Stefani Tanuri, shared insights into their collaboration with Nielsen, "Partnering with Nielsen and TikTok for MMM analysis provided us with a different, data-driven perspective, and has been instrumental in informing our media investments across all platforms on top of our trade-marketing activities. The insights obtained will guide us in developing tailored execution strategies that amplify our brand presence and drive strong returns."

Amira Zakaria, Regional VP Sales, Middle East, Africa & Turkey, Nielsen explained, “Data-driven decisions, facilitated by robust analytics, empower brands like Kraft to not only understand their audience behaviour but also to adapt their media planning to thrive in the digital ecosystem. As media consumption patterns evolve, leveraging insightful metrics becomes necessary for tailoring strategies that resonate on emerging platforms.”


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