• Comprehensive Palliative Care, Post-Surgery Rehabilitation, and Chronic Disease Management in a 24/7 Hospital Environment
  • Supported by Thumbay Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Hospital, a premium 60,000 sq. ft. Facility, Offering Neurocognitive Rehab, Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Care

Acknowledging the healthcare needs of patients in UAE and neighboring regions, Thumbay University Hospital has introduced new services at its 100-bedded Long-Term Care Facility- now setting the milestones as one of the largest in the Northern Emirates. Focused on patient-centered care, the facility, located within a 24/7 hospital setting, ensures continuous support through a dedicated team of professionals operating in shifts. Personalized care plans, crafted by a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and social workers, provide comprehensive attention tailored to individual needs.

The facility is also backed completely by the Thumbay Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Hospital- the largest and most advanced rehab facility in the UAE- spans 60,000 sq. ft. and offers comprehensive therapy services, including neurocognitive rehab, sports medicine, and orthopedic care. Supported entirely by this state-of-the-art hospital, it features a Hydrotherapy Pool, Robotics, and a Full Body Cryotherapy Chamber, providing personalized, high-tech treatments in a supportive environment that promotes holistic recovery.

Speaking about the care offered, Akbar Moideen Thumbay, Vice president, Thumbay Healthcare, explained, “…we prioritize providing specialized services that cater to the unique needs of our patients at Thumbay University Hospital's Long-Term Care Facility. Our focus on palliative care, post-surgery rehabilitation, and chronic disease management ensures that every patient receives comprehensive support for their physical, mental, and cognitive health. Palliative care is particularly crucial, aiming to enhance the quality of life for cancer and terminally ill patients through effective symptom management and compassionate support for both patients and their families.”

Furthermore, the Long-Term Care Center's advanced technologies are smoothly incorporated into patient care and rehabilitation--improving treatment results and promoting overall well-being. “While Electric Stimulation and Sensory Feedback provide targeted therapies, Advanced Robotics and Driving Simulators are used for therapeutic workouts. Along with wearable technologies for ongoing health monitoring, patients also benefit from hydrotherapy for rehabilitation and full body cryotherapy for pain treatment. With therapies like Short Wave Diathermic Therapy and a Zero-Gravity Treadmill to maximize recuperation, the Therapeutic Garden offers a healing ecosystem,” he added.

One of the unique aspects of the center is maintaining ‘high standards of care through ongoing education and collaboration at the group. Akbar emphasized, “To meet this paramount need, professionals including physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and social workers, engage in continuous training to stay abreast of the latest caregiving techniques and medical advancements. These efforts are integral to evidence-based practices- ensuring optimal care for patients recovering from various health challenges. By developing a collaborative environment among interdisciplinary teams, the facility aims to create a safe, comfortable, and supportive atmosphere where residents receive personalized attention and holistic care.”

Providing a vibrant community where residents can engage in a range of activities and amenities designed to enhance their well-being and quality of life, the residents have access to local newspapers and a library for relaxation and staying informed. In addition video calls are facilitated with grandchildren and children promoting connections with loved ones, and weekly yoga sessions for physical and mental well-being, the services cater to diverse needs. The therapeutic garden and swimming pool provide serene environments for relaxation and exercise, complemented by weekly outings to malls in Dubai and walks along the Corniche in Ajman. Additional offerings such as spa treatments, social support, clinical supervision, medication management, personal laundry services, and specialized dietary options ensure a secure, safe, and supportive living environment.

The facility has collaborated with multiple insurance providers to offer comprehensive coverage for both in-patient and out-patient services, and patients can benefit from international consultation via video and online assessments free of charge. The hospital also facilitates travel arrangements and visa assistance, with complimentary airport drop-off and pick-up services, in addition to discounted airfare for family members visiting during the patient's stay, ensuring smooth access and supportive healthcare experience.