• theleisureway focused on two sections, an indoor area of 11,000 m² and an outdoor leisure area of 13,000 m² with the aim of increasing attractiveness and, consequently, footfall and sales.

Zaragoza (SPAIN): The leisure and entertainment area of The Village project, designed and executed by the Spanish company theleisureway, has been awarded the RLI MENA prize in the 'Best Entertainment & Leisure Project' category.

The award-winning leisure area offers attractive indoor and outdoor spaces in a contemporary and urban format with finishes that combine various activities to attract the experiential consumer. The common thread is art, which has been a means of expression and also a universal language where beauty and aesthetics prevail. "Our interventions harmonize various motivations to create a positive impact on all audiences. To improve the current distribution of the shopping center, we proposed differentiated spaces adapted to specific customer profiles, aligning design and content accordingly," said theleisureway.

The Village is a shopping center located in the northern area of ​​the city of Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). With an area of ​​over 100,000 m², it features stores, fine dining restaurants, a theme park, cinemas, a hypermarket, a luxury hotel, and outdoor walking areas. Promoter Al Habib Real Estate commissioned theleisureway to create a unique leisure area for families with the aim of increasing attractiveness and, consequently, footfall and sales. theleisureway focused on two sections, an indoor area of ​​11,000 m² and an outdoor leisure area of ​​13,000 m².

The main elements indoors, conceived with a luxurious yet industrial and urban character, are the Origami Tree - a children's play area 16 meters high and visible from three levels - and the Pixel Square - where an attractive design, immersive experience, and a sculptural effect with glass, golden metal, wood, and greenery are combined. The outdoor area features a wide walkway that spans the entire length of the shopping center, complementing the outdoor space and the ground floor dining area.


Since its inception in 2006, RLI has recognized excellence in retail and leisure worldwide by presenting the prestigious and highly sought-after Global RLI Awards. This year, for the first time, RLI has launched the RLI MENA Awards edition in recognition of its strong connection with the Middle East and North Africa.

The award granted to theleisureway, 'Best Entertainment & Leisure Project', recognizes a top-class new leisure and entertainment project that offers customers an innovative and exciting experience.

The project has also been awarded in the 'Shopping Centre New Build' category, which has valued innovation and creativity through excellence in architecture and design, effective use of spaces, and an eclectic mix of tenants incorporating retail, leisure, and entertainment.

Living Spaces through Leisure

theleisureway specializes in designing and executing tailor-made leisure spaces in the common areas of shopping centers to turn them into destinations in themselves. These are places that stimulate emotions through experience, where visitors come back time and again to re-experience those sensations. The shopping center will no longer depend solely on the present brands but can leverage the attraction power of these living spaces to increase footfall and, consequently, sales and profits.

The Village is a perfect example of these living spaces configured both indoors and outdoors of the shopping center to maximize the synergies created between commercial premises and the leisure spaces themselves. Visitors come to them as anchor places and being well-located facilitates visitor traffic throughout the entire shopping center.


About theleisureway

Based in Zaragoza, Spain, theleisureway leads genuine and iconic projects and creates innovative places where emotions come to life. Its expertise spans the entire process, from the initial idea to installation.

theleisureway identifies and connects with local communities using its three pillars: people, space, and emotions, to merge community needs with asset owner objectives. Every project the company works on has a unique story and personality created especially for it.

Fundamentally, theleisureway's interventions reactivate commercial assets by creating innovative and attractive spaces and filling them with life again. The company focuses on humanizing these places and making them more sustainable through attractive design elements that differentiate them from the competition.

The company is currently working in more than 30 countries worldwide, mainly in Europe and the Middle East, with over 75 projects.

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