Dubai, UAE: The Green Planet Dubai, the Middle East’s only indoor rainforest biodome, is joining the ‘Biggest Hour for Earth’ at 8.30pm on 25th March 2023.

By dedicating an hour to giving back to the planet by turning off all non-essential lights, The Green Planet aims to raise awareness of nature conservation, climate change solutions, and how the world can work together to shape a better future for everyone. Earth hour’s mission aligns with The Green Planet’s vision for 2023 being the year of sustainability.

Earth Hour is a global grassroots movement uniting people to take action on environmental issues and protect the planet. This global event encourages individuals, communities, and businesses to turn off their lights and other non-essential electrical appliances for one hour and take action towards a sustainable future.


About Green Planet

One of Dubai’s most popular attractions for residents and tourists, the Green Planet is a magnificent four-story biodome located in City Walk, Dubai. Counted as one of the most brilliantly engineered biodomes in the world, the canopy stands at an astonishing height of 30 metres above the ground and forms the roof of the rainforest, providing a panoramic view across the rainforest ecosystem.

The Green Planet was conceptualized to bring together nature and the science of nature, alongside visitor attractions and experiences to help raise awareness of the world’s most diverse ecosystems. The attraction is home to animals from across the globe, from the cute to the deadly.

Visiting The Green Planet is a great educational experience for adults and kids alike and there are multiple experiences to help get the most from a visit, including school trips, tropical thunderstorms, birthday parties or even becoming ‘Zookeeper for the day’ with the support of experts in the field. There are several rainforest-themed shopping and dining centres for visitors.

Single day tickets to the venue are priced at AED 140 upon arrival, or AED 125 when purchasing online for adults. For children, tickets cost AED 120 on arrival, or AED 110 when booking through the website.

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Carine El Natour
Current Global