Doha, Qatar - The CCUS Forum, a landmark gathering of world leaders, policymakers, scientists, and industry experts, successfully concluded on Wednesday, marking a significant milestone in the global efforts to combat climate change and transition towards sustainable energy. The Forum, held over three days, focused on fostering international collaboration and accelerating the deployment of Carbon, Capture, Utilisation and Storage to address the urgent challenges posed by climate change.

The Forum, coordinated in collaboration with Qatar’s Gulf Organization for Research and Development, Global Carbon Council and Birba (an Omani company) along with various partner organisations, including the Al-Attiyah Foundation who served as a knowledge partner, brought together over 500 delegates and visitors from over 70 countries, including government representatives, industries, and leading climate and technology experts. The Forum, held at the Le Royal Méridien Doha, provided a platform for dialogue, knowledge sharing, and the fostering of strategies to drive the global energy transition.

Throughout the Forum, attendees engaged in lively discussions, interactive sessions, and thematic panels that covered a broad range of topics such as the deployment of carbon capture and utilisation technologies, energy efficiency, methods of storage, climate finance, and other technologies critical to achieving national climate targets. The Forum also included a lively networking hub, field visits and the Middle East’s first women and limate event.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, H.E. Dr. Al-Sada stated "I commend the organising committee for focusing on Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage, technologies that are key for advancing low carbon solutions in the energy sector. This event comes at the time when nations are pushing towards a Net Zero world.”

The success of the Forum reflects a growing global recognition of the need to prioritise sustainable energy and climate action. The CCUS Forum has set the stage for enhanced collaboration, innovation, and accelerated action towards a carbon-neutral and resilient world.

Dr. Yousef Alhorr, Founding Chairman of GORD and GCC stated “As the first CCUS Forum in the MENA region, this event marks a turning point in our collective efforts to address the pressing climate challenges faced by the region and the world. An energy transition supported by CCUS will enable global economies to diversify their energy mix, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to the global transition towards a low-carbon economy, in alignment with the Paris Agreement.”

Speaking on GCC’s endorsement for the event, Dr. Alhorr added: “Global Carbon Council’s support for CCUS Forum is motivated by its commitment to the region’s energy transition and low-carbon development. We take immense pride in being the first and only international carbon credit program rooted in the Global South, originating from Qatar. As part of our dedication to the theme of this Forum, we would like to inform the audience about the imminent launch of GCC’s upcoming methodology for CCS projects and invite you to engage with us in the public consultation for the methodology before its final publication. This unique methodology stands out as one of the very few worldwide initiatives that incentivise CCS projects through carbon credit issuance.”

“Considering the significant number of carbon capture and storage projects taking place worldwide, we believe this methodology has the potential to save millions of tons of carbon emissions. In the long run, the CCS methodology will amplify the positive impact of approximately 1,500 climate mitigation projects already submitted to the Global Carbon Council from 45 countries. Through these GHG reduction projects, GCC is expected to generate more than 2 billion carbon credits over next 8 to 10 years.”


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Birba is an Oman-based company that fosters innovation and ideas to support sustainable economies for a better future in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, as well as national development strategies in the region, such as Oman’s Vision 2040. Through events, media and intelligence it provides a 360-degree exploration of pathways to diversified, commercial and sustainable economies that build economic and social opportunity for generations to come. Bibra publishes the Energy Oman magazine and hosts two landmark energy events - the Green Hydrogen Summit Oman and the Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage Forum.

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Global Carbon Council (GCC) is MENA region's first voluntary carbon market with international reach. It facilitates global stakeholders in implementing climate actions through a voluntary carbon offsetting program. The overall purpose of GCC is to contribute to achieve Paris Agreement objective of limiting global warming to 1.5°C by developing relevant standards and framework for voluntary carbon markets to catalyze, enhance and leverage climate change mitigation finance globally and especially for MENA region. In the Global South, GCC is the only CORSIA-accredited international program. GCC is also accredited by ICROA.

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GORD is a non-profit organization spearheading MENA region’s sustainability milieu. Headquartered in Qatar Science and Technology Park, GORD drives the transformation of societies, industries, and the built environment by influencing corporate ethos, fostering innovation, and developing capacity to enable low-carbon sustainable growth for present and future generations. The organization’s key operations include R&D, standards setting, green buildings certification, accreditation services, voluntary carbon markets, performance testing, knowledge dissemination and advisory services on sustainability and climate change for governments, non-government, public and private sector organizations. 

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The Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah International Foundation for Energy and Sustainable Development is a non-profit think tank that conducts extensive research and facilitates informed debate on energy and sustainable development topics. Since its inception in 2015, the Al-Attiyah Foundation has remained unwaveringly committed to providing expert analysis and insights on serious global, regional, and country-specific challenges and opportunities on energy and sustainable development themes.

The themes are explored through publications including industry leading research papers, current affairs articles, daily news briefings, quarterly CEO Roundtables, webinars and regular podcast interviews with important figures in the energy industry.

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