Amman, Jordan – The Abdali, one of the most successful investment endeavors in Jordan, is pleased to announce its participation in The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) 2023, a globally renowned investment platform scheduled to take place from May 8 to 10 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. A high-level delegation from The Abdali, led by CEO Amer Tarawneh, is currently attending the meeting to promote and encourage new investment opportunities in the Kingdom, while further strengthening economic ties with global partners and potential investors.

The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), an initiative created by the AIM Foundation, has emerged as a leading investment platform in the Middle East, fostering economic growth by facilitating strategic promotion strategies and opportunities for expansion. As an independent international organization, the AIM Foundation is committed to empowering the global economy, addressing critical challenges, and propelling positive transformations.

The Abdali's participation in AIM 2023 aligns seamlessly with its vision of continuous growth and development. With the second phase of The Abdali project slated to launch in the coming months, it is actively seeking to engage with global investors and further enhance its position as a strategic investment destination. The second phase of the project covers a land area of 134,000 square meters, with a total development area of 1.4 million square meters, and will provide a highly diverse array of value-added investment opportunities for businesses, organizations, and investors from across the globe.

To date, The Abdali's achievements have been exceptional, with regional and international investments accounting for over $2.4 billion of the $5 billion project. The project has also generated over 13,000 job opportunities, stimulating wide-reaching economic growth and social development in Jordan.

Amer Tarawneh, CEO of The Abdali, stated, “We are thrilled to take part in the Annual Investment Meeting 2023, a premier platform for promoting and attracting investments that will spearhead considerable economic growth and development. The Abdali's presence at AIM signifies our unwavering commitment to fostering economic prosperity and creating investment opportunities in the Kingdom. We look forward to engaging with international investors, strengthening our global partnerships, enhancing our regional and international presence, and showcasing the remarkable, ongoing success of The Abdali project. As always, we are eager to leverage our achievements and our global reputation in order to drive positive transformation and economic diversification throughout Jordan.”

During the event, Tarawneh is scheduled to present a comprehensive overview of The Abdali during the Country Presentation session at AIM 2023. This presentation will highlight the remarkable success of The Abdali project and its pivotal role in propelling Jordan's economic growth forward.