Cairo: Industrialization and Energy Services Company (TAQA) unveils its robust plan to nurture an ecosystem of dynamic workforce and talents, adept at navigating the evolving energy landscape. As a frontrunner in the industry, TAQA aligns with the global shift towards adopting clean energy technologies and achieving net zero emissions, in line with Egypt's Vision 2030 and the Integrated Sustainable Energy Strategy (ISES 2035).

The company's statements were made during the culminating day of EGYPES 2024, the premier energy conference in Egypt and Africa. At the event, TAQA showcased its large portfolio of cutting-edge services and solutions in the energy sector, along with its ambitious expansion plans in Egypt and Africa. This endeavor notably encompassed the acquisition of AlMansoori Petroleum Services last year, amplifying its human capital to 5,500 individuals across over 20 nations worldwide.

During a panel discussion themed “Empowering a Net-Zero Ready Workforce – Rethinking Talent Development”, Moataz Serag, Country Director Egypt at TAQA, underscored a notable forecast. He highlighted that the shift towards clean energy is anticipated to generate 10.3 million fresh employment opportunities worldwide by 2030. However, he emphasized that these roles would necessitate novel proficiencies and expertise in environmental sustainability, emissions management, and energy efficiency.

"In our commitment to staying on top of industry advancements and mitigating carbon emissions, TAQA prioritizes upskilling and retraining existing workforce," remarked Serag. "We're fostering awareness and expertise among our employees by setting sustainable standards that reflect industry evolution. Around the end of this year, our forthcoming Sustainability Academy will play a pivotal role in this endeavor, offering extensive training programs to integrate new hires seamlessly into TAQA's culture and sustainable vision, especially those transitioning from acquired firms."

Serag also emphasized the criticality of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) practices within TAQA's operations. He noted that although the company has made substantial strides in the HSE realm through training and skill enhancement, it took a notable duration for employees to fully embrace these practices in the past. Consequently, TAQA is intensifying its efforts to make the journey to sustainability a much faster process across its entire workforce.

In another EGYPES 2024 panel discussion titled “Establishing an East Mediterranean Natural Gas Hub”, Tameer Nasser, Finance Director Africa, and Iraq at TAQA, highlighted Egypt's robust infrastructure and natural gas production capabilities. He particularly underscored the significance of newly discovered fields in bolstering Egypt's production and export capacities.

“Gas is here to stay," affirmed Nasser. "At TAQA, we consider natural gas a pivotal energy source that will continue to exist in the future energy mix, owing to its low emissions and the ongoing infrastructure advancements between the region’s countries. As global demand escalates, the Eastern Mediterranean is poised to evolve into a global hub for natural gas production and exportation, with TAQA positioned to play a pivotal role in this progression."

About TAQA:

Founded in 2003, TAQA is an international company headquartered in Dhahran and Abu Dhabi that offers leading well solutions for the energy industry and is creating value and opportunity for all its stakeholders. TAQA has more than 5,000 people in more than 20 countries and serves multiple markets. TAQA offers a complete well solutions portfolio that includes Coiled Tubing and Stimulation, Cementing, Wireline, Frac, Directional Drilling, Downhole Tools, Completions, Well Testing, Slickline, Inspection and H2S & Safety.