The Labor Fund (Tamkeen) held its first consultative meeting with a number of companies in the logistics and transportation sector as part of a series of meetings that are scheduled to be held with different economic sectors. The meeting comes in addition to efforts to improve its programs and services offerings.

These meetings aim to directly consult with representatives from the private sector to gain visibility on their perspectives following the relaunch of the programs and commencement of receiving the relevant applications earlier this year.

Tamkeen has organized a number of consultative meetings with more than 200 enterprises from different sectors prior to launching its programs to closely identify the current and future market gaps within the private sector and to formulate appropriate solutions in line with Tamkeen’s strategic objectives.

 Tamkeen works to stimulate enterprises that are committed to improving their productivity and scalability, as well as ensure the optimal investment in all sectors especially high potential sectors with greater economic impact through creating sustainable, high-quality jobs for local talent. This comes in alignment with the national priorities and the economic recovery plan which has been announced by the Kingdom of Bahrain on November last year.