As part of Swiss International School Dubai’s (SISD’s) Fruitful Community Initiative, this Ramadan, SISD students and parents served 2,500 warm Iftar meals and 10,000 fruits to the community of construction workers, gardeners and delivery drivers at their labour camp homes in Al Quoz. 

A school parent, Julia Fernandez, set up the ‘Fruitful Community Initiative’ volunteer programme, in collaboration with Engineering Contracting Company and the relevant governmental authorities. As part of the leading IB boarding school’s focus on altruism, and mission to develop globally-minded citizens, pupils are actively encouraged to undertake volunteer and charity work.

The aim of the initiative is to empower students to learn about, and actively engage with, their surrounding community through volunteering, community engagement and acts of kindness.

Student volunteers took the lead in handing out biryani meals, fruits and water, asking the workers whether they wanted chicken or vegetarian meals, handing out fruit bags and water, and wishing everyone Ramadan Kareem. 

The Grade 1 to 5 pupils (six to 11 year olds) worked long hours in a lively environment filled with thousands of people. 

Ruth Burke, school Principal, says: “This initiative truly typifies the positive community spirit and values that we uphold at SISD. As a school, we play a crucial role in shaping not just academic success, but also fostering empathy, compassion, and a sense of responsibility towards others and the world at large. Creating a sense of pride and belonging – and knowing we're contributing to the development of globally-minded individuals who prioritise giving back and making a positive impact - is truly invaluable in creating a brighter future for all.”

The school staff and pupils were heavily supported by the government to help maintain the queues for the iftar meal, and Kibsons, the UAE-based online grocery pioneer, sponsored all the fruit, helping keep it flowing from the truck and help hand it out. 

The water provided with each iftar meal was sponsored by the initiative’s caterer, 77Catering, and the Fruitful Community Initiative is grateful for the discounted meal prices graciously provided by 77Catering.

About Swiss International School in Dubai

Global in outlook, bilingual in approach, Swiss in culture, and yet firmly rooted in the local community of Dubai – that’s Swiss International School in Dubai, or SISD.

The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai (SISD), Dubai’s first bilingual International Baccalaureate School, opened in 2015, and is the largest Swiss school outside Switzerland.

The school – part of the TAS sustainable organisation - is a leading international day and boarding school where future generations are inspired to become confident and enthusiastic lifelong learners, properly prepared to embrace all the opportunities and challenges life presents.

With a diverse student body of 1800 pupils comprising more than 100 different nationalities, the school believes the next generation of international citizens will need to be dynamic, flexible and linguistically ambitious. With this in mind, SISD offers immersive bilingual programmes in either of the Swiss languages of French and German, but also a strong English programme with foreign languages. For students who don’t wish to pursue a fully bilingual programme, there is a unique STEAM programme for all children from age 4-11 years. SISD stands out as one of only a handful of educational establishments globally classified as an IB Continuum school, which means it offers International Baccalaureate education to pupils from age 3 to 18.

Offering day school, weekly or full-term boarding options, this leading educational institution offers state-of-the-art STEAM education, and has world-class sporting facilities, too.

The school has laid out its B.E.S.T. Values, as follows:


A unique international and multilingual environment provides students with authentic exposure to English, French, German and Arabic. Students in the immersive bilingual programmes learn to communicate, think and reflect in two different languages. As global citizens, SISD celebrates diversity, promoting all languages and cultures with equal respect.


SISD staff believes in maintaining high standards and aspire to be the best they can be. A spirit of enquiry, encouraging both creative and critical thinking is fostered.


Students and staff believe that social, cultural, economic and environmental awareness prepare us to play our part in shaping a better future, both for ourselves and for those around us. The school campus is eco-friendly, winning international acclaim and awards for using less energy to create a comfortable and healthy environment.


In the school’s international community, we know that we are at our best when we all work together. We view active participation in the community, from the most local to the most global, as the foundation of a valuable life.

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