Dubai: Stream Shreek, a leading marketplace platform connecting game streamers and brands, onboarded Mohammed Yaseen as part of a strategic business partnership in line with its commitment to creating an environment for MENA game streamers to thrive and collaborate.

Mohammed, AKA GuildMM, is a popular Emirati Twitch-Partnered streamer who attributes the ascension of Stream Shreek to its ‘By the streamers, For the streamers’ motto.

Stream Shreek is a unique technology platform which enables brands to smartly embed their gaming campaigns with creativity and at scale across thousands of popular game streams in the MENA region. Further, it provides trackability and a two layered safety solution powered by AI, for brand campaigns. At the same time, the brand is seen as a supporter and is loved by game streamers. 

"We are thrilled to have Mo join us as an honorary business Partner," said Aasim Shaik, Co-founder for Stream Shreek. "His remarkable journey, resilience, and dedication to gaming and charitable causes perfectly align with our vision. Through this partnership, we aim to provide unique opportunities and exceptional experiences for the gaming community."

Mohammed, who embarked on his streaming journey in 2020 during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, has been an avid gamer since his early childhood. Mo's incredible journey of overcoming a life-threatening heart attack and surgery led him to adopt a symbolic crown, representing the celebration of his second chance at life. Throughout his gaming experience, Mo has explored numerous titles, but it is the Guild Wars franchise that has captivated his attention the most. He has been an avid player since the release of Guild Wars 1 in 2005 and continued his adventures in Guild Wars 2, establishing a substantial community of over 25,000 players dedicated to in-game trading. 

Nindi Priya Dev Sharma – Head of Growth for Stream Shreek said, "The Game streamers community in the MENA are unlike any other with distinct interests and preferences. Stream Shreek is a platform created by gamers and we combine our passion for gaming and technology, to bring thus a unique marketplace to the various brands and companies looking to be associated with gaming in the MENA region and at the same time, represent MENA game streamers to maximize their growth potential.” 

The partnership between Stream Shreek and Mo signifies a significant milestone in the gaming industry, as both entities align their expertise, resources, and shared values to enhance the gaming experience for Arabic-speaking gamers. Together, they aim to foster a thriving community, support aspiring content creators, and contribute to meaningful charitable initiatives in the region.

With the collaboration of Stream Shreek and Mo, the gaming community and brands alike can anticipate a new era of innovation, entertainment, and unforgettable gaming moments. 

About Stream Shreek:
Stream Shreek, the premier marketplace for Arabic-speaking gaming platforms, offers a dynamic and all-encompassing gaming experience catered specifically to the preferences of the regional gaming community. By facilitating connections between gamers, content creators, and game developers, Stream Shreek is dedicated to transforming the gaming industry in the Arab world, fostering an inclusive and thriving gaming culture. Moreover, Stream Shreek serves as a platform that bridges the gap between brands and creators, enabling brands to engage with the gaming community throughout the MENA region.

About Mohammed Mohammed:
Emirati businessman and avid gamer, Mohammed Shriek, also known as GuildMM, skillfully merges his entrepreneurial ventures with a profound passion for gaming, promoting Arab gaming culture and fostering an inclusive, vibrant community. His professional journey spans diverse sectors, developing his expertise in strategic thinking, marketing, and brand management, while his true passion remains firmly rooted in the gaming world. Mohammed’s love for gaming evolved from an early age, transforming into an engaging career where he offers immersive content, insightful commentary, and shares his gaming experiences through live streams.