EgyptAir, represented by Mr. Ashraf Rateb, Head of the Tourism Sector (Karnak), and Openet BV with its trademark  Antika, represented by the company's President, Mr. Ahmed Nasr, signed an international cooperation agreement aimed at revitalizing Egyptian tourism. This agreement aims for EgyptAir to participate in various exhibitions organized by the Openet BV worldwide to promote Egyptian tourism destinations.

Additionally, a number of international conferences and exhibitions will be held in Egypt.

It is expected that EgyptAir will participate in several exhibitions organized by the Openet BV in Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, and Germany, with future expansion into Latin America.

It is noteworthy that Openet BV will begin managing one of the most important historical buildings in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, starting from February 2025, and EgyptAir will have a permanent exhibition in this historic building.