• The launch of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) paves the way for Internet evolution in Bahrain by offering a more efficient network, with an ability to meet the growing demand of increased connectivity and devices

Manama, Bahrain – stc Bahrain has taken a new step in enabling advanced technologies by launching IPv6, an upgrade from IPv4, the primary version of Internet Protocol. The upgrade is a crucial step in meeting the increasing demand for IoT and digital products in the billions, allowing for a more efficient technology for internet users.

The launch of IPv6 reaffirms stc Bahrain’s commitment to work with the government of Bahrain in advancing the digital economy and empowering digital transformation in the Kingdom in line with the Economic Vision 2030. The transition to IPv6 will enable more efficient connections, reducing the burden on network infrastructure and offer better security solutions and scalability.

The implementation of IPv6 in Bahrain is designed to support emerging technologies and the growing number of devices connected to the internet by allowing for more unique IP addresses. As the world becomes increasingly connected, IPv6 ensures that every device can have a unique IP address, facilitating seamless communication and connectivity, allowing for exponential growth in the number of devices that can be uniquely addressable.

Commenting on the launch of IPv6, stc Bahrain Chief Technology & Digital Officer, Mr. Ahmed Alsharif said, “We are proud to work with the government of Bahrain to implement the latest technologies that will improve efficiency, connectivity, and transform the way internet users operate, meeting the growing demand of the exchange of data between devices and the rapid growth of internet use.”

He continued, “At stc Bahrain, we are committed to delivering the most advanced, efficient and transformative technologies that contribute to Bahrain’s digital transformation agenda and allow for increased connectivity for companies, institutions and daily internet users. The launch of IPv6 in Bahrain is undoubtedly an important milestone as it seeks to make Bahrain an advanced digital tech hub in the region.”

The implementation of IPv6 will transform the way businesses, individuals, companies and all internet users interact and connect with each other. Enterprises will be able to expand their online presence and reach a wider audience without any limitations. Gamers will not need to share IP addresses with other users, resulting in faster connectivity.

IPv6 will also offer a more secure network by implementing a secure name resolution, and supporting end-to-end encryption and Secure Neighbor Discovery (SEND) protocol – helping the “man-in-the-middle” attacks become significantly more difficult.


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