London and Riyadh - Open Medical Europe, a leading provider of healthcare digital transformation solutions, is excited to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MOH) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Farouk, Maamoun Tamer & Co. (Tamer) from Saudi Arabia. This strategic partnership is formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), marking a significant stride forward in healthcare practices within the Kingdom.

United by a shared vision, MOH, Tamer Healthcare, and Open Medical are steadfast in their commitment to revolutionising healthcare processes. This collaboration aims to deliver improvements to the Perioperative Care Clinical Pathway through a pilot programme in order to assist MOH's aspirations to enhance surgical waiting list management across the Kingdom.

The MOU serves as the cornerstone for this strategic collaboration. This structured approach ensures a comprehensive evaluation of the feasibility of broader project implementation. The forward-looking nature of this approach emphasises the commitment to sustainable improvements and a shared commitment to advancing healthcare services.

As the Parties embark on this transformative journey, they aspire to create a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape of the Kingdom, addressing critical healthcare needs and ensuring a brighter, healthier future for all.

About Ministry of Health:

The Ministry of Health in the Kingdom oversees the healthcare and the health policy of Saudi Arabia. The Ministry is tasked with formulating strategies to ensure public health in the country, while also managing crucial health infrastructure.

About Tamer Group:

Tamer Group is an integrated healthcare and wellness Group in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and North African region, offering a portfolio of products and services that contribute to personal wellness and public health. Today, the full extent of the company’s manufacturing and distribution services includes pharmaceuticals and vaccines, medical devices, nutrition and baby health, as well as a digital platform, e-commerce and logistics capabilities.

Commenting on the partnership, Mohammed Soufan, Digital Healthcare Business Unit Manager at Tamer Group, said: "Tamer Healthcare, in collaboration with our valued client, The Ministry of Health, and alongside our top-tier partner, Open Medical, this alliance is dedicated to the digitalization and automation of the pre-operative clinical pathway. The objective is to mitigate surgery waiting times, optimize theater management, and diminish cancellation rates. In the final analysis, this initiative aspires to enhance the quality of patient services and elevate the overall experience within the healthcare ecosystem."

About Open Medical:

Open Medical is a team of clinically-led digital health experts. Founded by practicing clinicians in the United Kingdom, Open Medical combines a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape with unrivalled technical expertise to produce true digital transformation solutions. To date, we have successfully implemented Pathpoint in 160+ healthcare organisations.

Commenting on the partnership, Dorota Naumiuk, Chief Operations Officer at Open Medical, said, “We are grateful for the collaborative journey we have embarked on with the MOH in KSA and Tamer. Their dedication to excellence and innovation is inspiring and has set the bar for industry standards. We are excited about our project on the optimisation of surgical care a major step towards transforming healthcare practices. We look forward to the next chapters of this journey.”