SHIELDNXT []  , a start-up with its unique platform has been named as Tech Asia’s fastest growing start-up in the Insurance space. SHIELDNXT is developed as a platform for profitable cyber insurance growth and Data-driven cyber risk analytics built for the insurance industry. ShieldNXT's analytics platform provides an unrivalled ecosystem of data, signals and models to fuel cyber risk quantification. SHIELDNXT is focused on Insurance companies and helping them to provide the best Cyber risk cover for companies and organistions.

SHIELDNXT system is developed based on Advanced AI Technology running on Microsoft Azur’s Super Computing services. The Company's Hosting primarily hosted through a cloud infrastructure provided by Microsoft Services (Azure cloud computing) and Qatar based SPECTRE Systems Super Computing is helping with the design of the HPC systems. ‘Over the past decade, cyber attacks have grown at outstanding rates. Third-party-related cybersecurity risks increased after making the move to a remote workforce. There are several key factors that are the driving forces behind the rise of cyber incidents, including: INCREASED EXPOSURE - In an ever-increasing digital landscape, businesses have recognised the importance of protection against cyber attacks. HACKER INNOVATIONS - From state actors to professional hackers and groups is in the lookout for vulnerabilities to exploit.’ said Founder and Director Christudas Dai.

ShieldNXT helps brokers, insurers, and reinsurers work with stakeholders to DIGITAL ONBOARDING with Know-Your-Customer (KYC) is a process used to identify and verify the identities of customers to prevent fraud. InsurTech can facilitate this process by using software with stored customer identification records and customer record management databases. CYBER CRIME AND FRAUD DETECTION - InsurTech can be used to more accurately detect and avoid losses related to fraudulent claims, through the use of authentication and verification processes, duplicate transaction detection, and public records checks. Added, Founder and Director Christudas Dai.

SHIELDNXT  has clients from UAE and Oman and has it’s office in The Pearl Qatar, Doha, Qatar.