Dubai, UAE: An application that makes home, office, and retail renovations easy to manage, plan, create, and visualise has been launched in the UAE by Settler, a Dubai-based digital home, office and retail renovation company.

Settler makes commercial and private renovations hassle-free, allowing construction professionals and interior designers to take part and be more engaged with renovation projects in the UAE.

“Our services include complete renovation starting from the design project to basically furnishing. It’s a super app. If the client wants to do a renovation, he/she can provide their renovation requirements in the app and start the renovation with us. We act as one point of contact for the clients so they don’t need to contact the contractors and designers themselves, they just have one project manager from Settler who helps them simplify the process,” according to Timur Valitov, CEO and Cofounder of Settler.

By using the Settler app, which is completely FREE, clients can remotely keep track of the repair status with a 24/7 live camera, control all stages of the repair, ask questions, detect motion by computer vision, and contact the project manager directly while onsite.

“Our goal is to be at the top of the mind of consumers when they need any kind of renovation. Sometimes they just need new furnishing services which are important part of any renovation. We will help consumers pick the contractor/designer based on their experience, completed projects, the quality of the renders, and their choice of furniture. We simplify the process for everyone who participates in the project. Our guaranty of quality assured services ensures that the consumer can confidently entrust their renovation projects to Settler. We also offer a wide range of payment options, including installment payments. We prioritize a safe model of work, collaborating only with trusted contractors with extensive experience and a proven track record of delivering excellent quality work,” adds Valitov.

Customers can approach Settler for every stage of the design process. First, the team will do the measurements, then the design project will provide them with the concept of work, and then the installation, which they can follow and control through the mobile application.

“It’s the personal approach that we follow. We take every project professionally and as close to our hearts as possible. Our designers not only take the requirements from the client but also suggest how, from the professional point of view, they could be taken to provide them with the best result,” says Valitov.

Settler was established in 2021 after Valitov decided to renovate his home while residing in Dubai. He tried communicating with the contractors remotely but things didn’t go as planned. “There was a miscommunication, the measurements were done wrong, and even the furniture was purchased with the wrong sizes and it made us think of something that could manage the renovation. There are no companies that can help the clients make renovation easily and remotely because the clients are not sophisticated enough to do the renovation themselves and that’s how the idea came up - from personal experience,” explains Valitov.

Currently, Settler is focused on Dubai because of the robust growth in the real estate market for the last 20 years. In 2015, there were only 500,000 residential units in Dubai which doubled in 2022 with more than 1.2 million residences. Valitov said these homes will be undergoing renovation and this is when Settler comes in.

In the future, Settler plans on acquiring more projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the USA.

“Our vision is to grow globally and to make 500,000 to 1,000,000 sq meters by 2027 with no limits on the size of the projects we can handle. We know it’s challenging, it can make us a large contractor although we’re a platform. We are planning to invest more in using the technologies such as AI in planning. Let’s say we have a client that has two months to complete the renovation and the AI can tell us how many people we need to do that,” concludes Valitov.

Everyone from just a novice in the remodeling and renovating world to the most experienced architects can use the app to turn their ideas into reality. To get the full info on the price customers can contact the Settler manager and get a free consultation. For more information about the services, please visit, follow their Instagram, or email

About Settler

Established in 2021, Settler is a Dubai-based home, office, and retail renovation company founded by renowned Entrepreneur Timur Valitov, offering first of its kind hassle-free home, office, and retail renovation services through mobile application. A first of its kind in the UAE, customers can easily download the app, start designing, get a cost estimate, and follow the repair status with 24/7 live camera access.

At Settler, we believe that the interior designer can be considered your best friend during the whole design process. This is the person who will fully control the process starting from taking your needs and eventually providing you with the final product based on your desires and their vision.

We offer tailored solutions. The team of Settler can adapt the price to the client’s wishes. Visit .