Cairo: - Savola Foods - Egypt announced its active participation in the Gaza Relief Campaign initiated by the Egyptian Food Bank. The primary aim of this campaign is to stand in solidarity with Gaza residents by providing essential food support to address their substantial challenges in securing necessary nutritional needs.

In a first step towards this cause, the company has contributed to providing support, by signifying a preliminary action among several forthcoming initiatives directed at aiding the affected families in Gaza. This commitment aligns with Savola Foods - Egypt’s dedication to supporting societal and humanitarian causes.

"Savola Foods’ collaboration through its Egyptian subsidiaries, and the Egyptian Food Bank reflects our collective effort to stand alongside the people of Gaza,” Sameh Hassan, CEO of Savola Foods, stated. “We firmly believe this partnership represents an indispensable humanitarian duty, where the provision of essential sustenance remains a vital mission that we continuously uphold. Furthermore, our cooperation with the Egyptian Food Bank comes in recognition of its leading role in the relief campaign for Gaza."

Hassan further added: "We hope that these contributions will provide the necessary support and aid needed by the people in the Gaza Strip. We urge everyone to join hands in this humanitarian endeavor, striving to ease the burdens faced by those in dire need. We strongly believe in the significance of forging communication bridges and enhancing cooperation between the private sector and civil institutions to alleviate the crisis in Gaza.”

In the same context, the CEO of the Egyptian Food Bank, Mr. Mohsen Sarhan, expressed his pleasure with the collaborative efforts between Savola Foods - Egypt and his organization, saying: “The situation in Gaza is extremely difficult, and the civil society, represented by the National Alliance and the Food Bank, is working to deliver vital humanitarian support to the people of Gaza. This partnership has resulted in the provision of a number of aids to the Gaza Strip, which will greatly contribute to easing the ongoing hardships experienced by the population in Gaza.”

Mr. Karim Baraka, General Manager of Savola Foods - Egypt, added, “Savola Foods - Egypt’s involvement in these efforts comes as part of the "Masafat Al-Sikka" relief campaign launched by Egypt, operating under the Egyptian National Alliance for Civil Development Work to assist the people of Gaza. This participation exemplifies the human values cherished by the company and its enduring commitment to continuous societal support.”

Savola Foods acknowledges the importance of the private sector’s effective societal role, recognizing its profound impact on the development and progress of all countries in which it operates, including Egypt. The company's specialized departments are actively engaged in fulfilling this role professionally. Moreover, the establishment of the "Savola World Foundation," an initiative that operates systematically to ensure effective impact, stands as a testament to the company's deep-rooted commitment to its societal responsibilities.