Dubai,: SAMI Advanced Electronics Company (SAMI-AEC), a wholly owned subsidiary of SAMI, announces its 19th consecutive participation in GITEX GLOBAL 2023. This renowned global tech event is scheduled to take place at the Dubai World Trade Center from 16 to 20 October. Through this platform, SAMI-AEC aspires to reiterate its position as a significant contributor to Saudi Arabia's technological and digital transformation by presenting its newest and most advanced products and solutions.

SAMI-AEC has meticulously planned its exhibit, organizing it into four specialized zones: Smart Solutions, Cybersecurity Solutions, IT Services, and Manufacturing as a Service. These zones mirror the company’s multifaceted capabilities and its ambition to broaden its horizons by fostering and deepening ties with industry leaders.

Expressing his sentiments about the upcoming event, Eng. Ziad Al-Musallam, CEO of SAMI-AEC, stated, "GITEX GLOBAL 2023 marks our 19th year of committed participation, a clear indication of our unwavering drive to push the boundaries in ICT, IoT, managed cloud services, cybersecurity, and myriad digital solutions. This esteemed event will undoubtedly accentuate our prominence as the leading Saudi enterprise championing the cause of digital and electronics innovation.”

The Smart Solutions zone will be a focal point, illuminating SAMI-AEC's prowess in IoT-enabled solutions and Smart City technologies. Products showcased will encompass a wide range from the Smart Street Light, Smart Fire Detection, Waste Management, Video Analytics, to Asset Tracking. A highlight in this zone is the Smart Parking (MAWQFI) solution, a holistic mobile application catering to modern parking needs. Additionally, the zone will unveil the cutting-edge Smart Site Safety Solutions (4S) that introduces innovations like the Smart Shirt, Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS), and the superior HEMA surveillance system.

Another centerpiece will be SAMI-AEC's state-of-the-art cybersecurity center, a bastion against cyber threats. The center, equipped to detect, track, and neutralize cyber threats, will be showcased in all its glory. Tools like the uniquely developed Data Diode, ensuring secure data transfers, and the advanced MDR system will also be on display. The exhibit will further delve into the company's futuristic managed services, cloud computing systems, digital healthcare modules, innovative technologies spanning various industries, and unparalleled manufacturing capabilities.

Established in 1988, SAMI-AEC has cemented itself as a leader in electronics, technology, engineering, and manufacturing. The company's services span across sectors such as Defense and Aerospace, ICT, Energy, and Security. A robust workforce of over 2,800 individuals, with 85% being proficient Saudi nationals, forms the backbone of this enterprise. Of these, over 800 are engineers and certified experts, reaffirming SAMI-AEC's dedication to excellence and innovation.