Latvia: Eagle Hills is delighted to announce the unveiling of its luxurious waterfront development in Latvia, The Riga Waterfront. With the aim to blend Latvia’s historical grandeur and the pulse of modern living, Riga Waterfront becomes a visionary waterfront masterplan set to transform and redefine the true meaning of city living.

Nestled along the pristine shores of the Baltic Sea and cradled by the majestic Daugava River, Riga is poised to witness a new era of the city with the launch of the most illustrious destination. This transformative development is strategically located at the nexus of Riga's UNESCO World Heritage Historic Center, in close proximity to the enchanting Art Nouveau district and the old town.

“Riga Waterfront is a reflection of a strategic vision aimed at the development and revitalization of Latvia, and its capital city, Riga, and positioning it as the new center of Europe,” says Mr. Mohamed Alabbar, Founder and Chairman of Eagle Hills Properties.

With a total investment exceeding EUR 3 billion and spanning an impressive 5 KM along the old port city, the revitalized waterfront is designed to be dynamic and animated, turning this cultural site into a thriving hub that overlooks the bay. Designed to be the pulsating heart of Riga, the development is a harmonious blend of residential elegance, public verdure, and vibrant community life with direct marine access.

Over 30,000 residents will find their home in 8,000 meticulously crafted units, where every detail reflects the pinnacle of design excellence and living standards. The development is a place to reside; it is a destination to live, play, and thrive, featuring a variety of opulent hotels with over 1,000 hospitality units, enchanting ice-skating rinks, a state-of-the-art cruise terminal, a sprawling shopping center, and inviting public squares. All designed to ensure a movement towards sustainability efforts and in harmony with the surrounding environment of the city.

In a step to revitalize heritage, the site of the old power station, a key component of Riga’s narrative, history and a cultural landmark now emerges as a vibrant retail haven. The architectural approach preserves the historical significance along with the character and charm of the original structure while adapting it to serve a new purpose. It becomes a bustling retail destination and a gastronomy hub where the community can gather, explore, and indulge fueling new experiences.

At the core of this visionary development is a deep-rooted commitment to education and community welfare. Riga Waterfront will set new benchmarks in the standard of living, with state-of-the-art schools, community centers, and public spaces that are thoughtfully designed to foster a sense of belonging, innovation, and well-being; all supported by cutting-edge technologies.

Leveraging advanced technology, the development is a beacon of sustainability and innovation. Smart infrastructure and green practices ensure sustainable measures, while enhancing the quality of life for its residents. From intelligent waste management systems to energy-efficient buildings, every aspect of the development reflects the commitment to a sustainable future.

Investing in the development paves the way for acquiring a residency in Riga, Latvia with a host of benefits associated with living in the EU including economic, lifestyle and mobility advantages. With an investment starting at EUR 250,000, the program offers a unique chance with a competitive advantage within EU residency programs.

The 5 KM stretch of waterfront that breathes new life into the old port site is thoughtfully curated, to ensure a lively environment where the beauty of nature and water meets that of the community, thus creating a unique blend that enhances the quality of life. The masterplan is a testament to Eagle Hills' commitment to creating spaces that foster community, celebrate nature, offer unparalleled living experiences, and promise an unmatched quality of living right on the water's edge.

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Evane Dsouza
PR Manager