Sharjah: Rahmania Mall, a one-stop community shopping and leisure destination in Sharjah achieved significant milestones in its sustainability agenda during the third quarter of 2022. The mall, in line with its commitment towards the sustainability goals of the UAE, has cut its carbon emissions by 944 tonnes, recycled 236 tonnes of waste, and reduced its general waste generation to 58 tonnes. 

According to the Q3 report of 2022, the mall recorded a significant reduction in water consumption, bringing it down from 285, 357 gallons in July 2022, to 206,298 gallons in September 2022. During the period,

In addition, the report highlights Rahmania Mall’s implementation of the waste management policy, through which it recycled 16, 19, and 17.5 tonnes of food waste, in July, August, and September, respectively through the effective deployment of its cutting-edge food digester machine. The quarterly report also highlights the mall’s continuous efforts to encourage sustainable practices among the Sharjah business community, in accordance with the UAE Green Agenda 2015-2030.

Abdullah Al Huraimel, Executive Director of New Enterprises at Sharjah Coop, said: “Since its inception in March 2021, Rahmania Mall has channelled its efforts to promote the sustainability agenda of the UAE and Sharjah, while also implementing several eco-friendly projects and recycling initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. The innovative programs at the mall reflect the need for sustainable practices among the population of the Emirate, in line with the UAE Green Agenda 2015-2030, which has a key role in steering the sustainability vision of the region.” 

“In keeping with this vision, we look forward to implementing more initiatives, such as the installation of a photovoltaic system. We will also install solar system panels on the mall's roof, covering nearly 600 meters, to help with renewable energy production of approximately one megawatt, as well as convert the centre management system from manual to automatic, in order to reduce energy usage,” he added.

Rahmania Mall’s sustainability-focused efforts have raised the benchmarks for eco-friendly practices in the business community of Sharjah in terms of operational sustainability and adherence to environmental safety conditions. In accordance with its 2022 vision and efforts to implement sustainable practices, Rahmania Mall has conducted a feasibility study for a photovoltaic system which is being evaluated by the authority and has also amped up its focus on improving safety and security policies. 

The mall’s efforts in contributing to a sustainable future for the UAE and Sharjah, have established it as a leader in the region’s transition towards a clean and green future. The third quarter report clearly underlines its commitment towards encouraging sustainable practices among the business community of the Emirate. 


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