Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain: Pavilion Renewables Group invited members of the press for a tour of its flagship project at Salman City, an R&D facility built by Pavilion with the support of the Bahrain government to prove and showcase the benefit and viability of recycling and renewables in the kingdom of Bahrain. The Group was represented by Mr. Ian Roos. Executive Chairman of Pavilion Renewables Group, and  Mr. Isa Al Doseri, Managing Director of Pavilion Renewables Group.

The project site showcases the potential of the Group’s hybrid technologies to deliver a renewable future to Bahrain. The guests were lead through a demonstration explaining how clean energy is generated by harnessing wind and solar power through turbines and solar panels, which is then used for agriculture and fish farming. The yield is fully sustainable and environmentally friendly. Waste is also recycled and used to produce energy.

The project presents a unique model of circular economy, supporting the sustainability of renewable energy and food security in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Powered by natural resources, Pavilion Renewables has transformed a barren wasteland into an oasis. Local crops are grown by controlling the internal climate of the Geo-Dome to ensure optimal growth conditions. The plants are grown using aquaponics, with no traces of chemical fertilisation. 

Environmental and social dimensions coalesce in this project, with a goal to revolutionise the agricultural sector, pioneering local sustainable farming. 

“We aim to spread awareness about sustainable lifestyles in order to serve the community and the environment,” stated Mr. Ian Roos, Executive Chairman of Pavilion Renewables Group. “In our present time, climate change and scarcity of resources are substantial threats. Our Group is committed to delivering innovative solutions that not only reduce carbon emissions but contribute effectively to sustainable development.” 

He went on to stress the keenness of Pavilion Renewables to support the Kingdom of Bahrain’s efforts towards environmental protection, as part of its initiatives for social responsibility. The Group relies on systems and technologies made in Bahrain, affirming the vital role the Kingdom now plays in protecting the planet’s sustainability for future generations. 

It is noteworthy that Pavilion Renewables is a renewable energy and resource management company that has been developing technologies worldwide for a variety of sectors since 1988. Headquartered in Bahrain since 2017, it is today one of the leading global companies providing efficient, environmentally friendly products that help businesses merge profitability with sustainability, generating renewable power, reducing energy costs, producing clean water, and lowering their environmental footprint.


About Pavilion Renewables

Pavilion Renewables is a regional leader in providing energy, water, waste management, sustainable agriculture and decarbonization solutions through its subsidiaries, most notably Pavilion Energy and Pavilion Water. Originating in 1988, Pavilion Renewables established its headquarters and main manufacturing operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2017. At Pavilion we aim to create a positive impact environmentally and socially by reducing the global carbon footprint and providing access to clean, reliable, cost-efficient power and water with zero emissions.

For more information, please contact Pavilion Renewables at and +973 77939471 or visit our website and follow our social media accounts.

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