The largest East European luxury fashion resale platform, OSKELLY, is coming to the United Arab Emirates and is ready to transform the country’s fashion landscape.  Reinvesting over $1 million, the company aims to digitalize the $89 billion Middle East fashion resale industry, build a strong community around the platform, promote expert authenticity, sustainable consumption in the Middle East, and revolutionize the $89 billion Middle East fashion resale industry and the MENA market.

Expanding the company in the Middle East, OSKELLY introduces an omnichannel fashion wardrobe ecosystem for luxury resale in the MENA region with new digital and AI solutions for the Emirati users. OSKELLY's resale multifunctional app offers free services for users to sell and buy pre-owned luxury goods, facilitating the unloading of wardrobe items that are not needed. OSKELLY stands out from other resale platforms by promoting unique app functions, such as social tools that allow users to interact with each other, bid on items, and share their collections.

Founded in 2017 by siblings Albert Oskanov and Zaira Keligova, OSKELLY has a 500,000+ European user base and a portfolio of more than 3,000 luxury brands. In 2022, the OSKELLY platform hosted over 100,000 successful transactions between buyers and sellers. With more than $1 million reinvested for expansion, the company will digitalize the $89 billion Middle East fashion market.

OSKELLY app is a complete digital ecosystem where customers can buy and sell their luxury items with ease. The platform builds an international community of fashionistas allowing every client to find like-minded people and their customers. To prevent the sale of fakes, OSKELLY developed offline expert authenticity checking of every selling luxury goods on the platform. The company built their own in-house team of experts that control the quality, authenticity, and condition of luxury goods: each item first passes a visual check when uploading to the app, and then OSKELLY’s expert 2-steps control before being delivered to the customer. Further, the company's app offers a concierge service which serves those who want to access exclusive, limited collections directly from designer brands and luxury fashion boutiques.

The OSKELLY office serves as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. Once the seller confirms the sale and passes the items over to its courier services, they can just sit back and let OSKELLY take care of the rest. First, the company carries out a detailed quality control and authenticity check on every item. Once the item passes these checks, OSKELLY issues an authenticity certificate to assure its users that only 100% original items can pass through the platform. Once certified, items undergo pre-sale preparation, including steaming and minimal restoration, before the goods are ready for delivery in branded packaging.

But the company's story is about much more than just commercial success. “It's about our mission to create a community-driven fashion ecosystem in the Middle East. We’re here to rewrite the luxury fashion resale story, and we’re driven by a genuine desire to make a difference at every level - from our wardrobes to the world in which we live. By harnessing the power of AI technology, we connect like-minded individuals and foster conscious shopping," shared Albert Oskanov, CEO and co-founder of OSKELLY.

OSKELLY promotes the idea of affordable and sustainable fashion in the Middle East and aims to change customer habits in the fashion market by breaking the stigma of resale of pre-owned items. The company encourages customers to declutter their wardrobes and promote clothing reuse, aligning with the UAE's sustainability agenda. The company's approach to the resale industry goes beyond conscious shopping, as it positions itself as a warehouse of unique and rare luxury items not found in new collections.

As Zaira Keligova, co-founder of OSKELLY, stated, "We are transforming sustainable fashion into a fresh and exciting trend by not only making luxury item resale affordable but also changing the mindset around it. The company is partnering with local influencers to raise public awareness and de-stigmatize the notion of “pre-used,” transforming it into “pre-loved.” We aim to provide a unique service and, at the same time, foster a vibrant community centered around conscious shopping. Many social tools are available on the platform already, and we have plans for more in our operations - we are constantly collecting and analyzing data on customer behavior, interactions, and feedback to enhance and improve our product.

The Middle East fashion industry market, estimated at $89 billion, is ripe for OSKELLY's revolution. Dubai’s second-hand luxury bag market alone is estimated at a whopping AED 250 million ($68 million). The region offers immense potential with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate of around 7% from 2023 to 2027. The UAE’s fashion market revenue is expected to reach $3.47 billion in 2023. The time for a disruptor like OSKELLY is now, and they’re here to seize the opportunity.


Founded in 2017 in Eastern Europe, OSKELLY is a community-based resale platform for buying and selling new and pre-loved luxury items. With a strong focus on authenticity, sustainability, and community, OSKELLY aims to revolutionize the fashion resale industry in the Middle East.

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