• Improved family planning is at the heart of maternal and child health, and the new UNFPA-Organon partnership is taking a significant step towards advancing these services in Egypt in support of Egypt’s 2030 year plan.

Cairo, Egypt – Organon, a women’s health pharmaceutical company, has aligned forces with UNFPA, a pivotal UN agency specialized in reproductive health and rights, to amplify the scope of family planning services in Egypt. Today, Organon and UNFPA Egypt signed an agreement to render high-caliber family planning services more readily available across the nation.

The signing of the agreement between Organon and UNFPA took place in the presence of H.E. Khaled AbdelGhaffar, Minister of Health and Population (MOHP),, 

This project is part of a larger initiative by Organon globally called “Her Plan is Her Power” with the key objective of empowering women with broad access to family planning and education with a key focus on reducing unplanned pregnancies to help ensure all women and girls can effectively plan their future.

The fundamental objective of this collaborative venture is to help overcome Egypt's prevailing challenges in family planning. Leveraging Organon's extensive expertise in reproductive health, characterized by a diverse portfolio boasting over 60 products, alongside UNFPA's resolute global commitment to reducing unmet need for family planning, the initiative aims to fortify the competence of healthcare providers. It also emphasizes pioneering solutions, including digital educational platforms for more effective healthcare dispensation.

At its core, this project strives to significantly decrease Egypt’s unmet need for family planning. Integral outcomes encompass the elevation of family planning service standards, reaching out to marginalized groups in underserved regions, and augmenting the proficiency of healthcare providers. During the project, an evaluative process will measure the success of outreach programs and the efficacy of training initiatives.

Dr. Tarek Abou El Einein, Country Lead - Egypt at Organon, expressed, " Our collaboration with UNFPA embodies more than a mere cooperative effort; it exemplifies a unified vision for Egypt's future. As a company with a purpose to advance women’s health and create a better and healthier day for every woman, we are very keen on working hand in hand with our partners, because we believe that women’s health is not a matter that can be solved with solo efforts; it is a matter that needs innovative partnerships with the comprehensive health eco system.  This initiative stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to empowering women across Egypt and ensuring their access to comprehensive family planning services."

Frederika Meijer, UNFPA Representative in Egypt expressed, "Working hand in hand with Organon amplifies our reach and impact.  Collaborations like these that bring about tangible change, bridging the gaps in healthcare and supporting all efforts to reach ZERO unmet need in Family Planning in Egypt. Together, we are not just making a difference today, but paving the way for generations to come."

Obstacles in the achievement of family planning objectives stem from limited information access, cultural misconceptions, and resistance from families and partners. However, the government is resolute in its vision and strategy concerning family planning services through conducting nationwide awareness campaigns, and allocating public funds for procuring family planning methods. Furthermore, the Ministry of Health and Population recently launched their National Strategy for Health and Population 2030, with one of the goals being the increase in use of family planning methods to 71.2%.

By working with changemakers and partners Organon aims to introduce and expand access to health solutions that help secure her promise and an equitable place in the world. Having the tools, resources and options will help Egyptian women take control of their reproductive health and make informed decisions to achieve a better and healthier every day.