Kuwait: Ooredoo Kuwait, the leading telecommunications provider committed to corporate social responsibility, concluded its impactful Ramadan 2024 campaign, which comprised a range of initiatives aimed at uplifting the community, enhancing the Ramadan experience for all, and making a positive difference.

The campaign featured a diverse range of activities and programs, including charitable endeavors and cultural celebrations.

Fostering Community Engagement through Iftar Gatherings & Meals Distribution:

The company sponsored the "Longest Ramadan Iftar Table" event in Mubarakiyah, in collaboration with Al-Najat Charity. This initiative brought together over 1500 people from diverse communities, ethnicities, and different walks of life to break their fast together, fostering unity and generosity within the community and strengthening social ties.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Rahma International Society, Ooredoo has launched a month-long CSR campaign to support underprivileged segments of society. The campaign includes distributing Iftar meals to those in need across Kuwait, fostering compassion and solidarity within the community.

The meals count reached more than 700 meals and was personally distributed by Ooredoo team members, who also actively volunteered to provide water and dates on daily basis for pasting people in various mosques, demonstrating their commitment to serving the community.

Celebrating Gergaian with Children:

Continuing its tradition, Ooredoo organized Gergaian celebrations at KidZania, children's hospitals, and Bugsha Ramadan Nights. These events aimed to spread joy among children and their families while upholding Kuwaiti traditions, providing attendees with memorable experiences.

Additionally, the Ooredoo team distributed "Gergaian" boxes to children in hospitals, aiming to uplift spirits during Ramadan.

Other institutions have also been included in Ooredoo’s CSR program during the holly month, where the company has spread the joy of Gergaian at Kuwait Center for Autism, Kuwait Center for Down Syndrome, and Nour Academy for People with special Needs.

These visits shed the light on Ooredoo's ongoing support for the center and its commitment to inclusivity and social integration.

Preserving Cultural Heritage:

For the second consecutive year, the company hosted the "Hand" and "Kout Bu Sitta" playoffs as part of its Ramadan "Ganjifa" Games initiative. This initiative, dedicated to Kuwaiti youth, aimed to preserve traditional Kuwaiti card games, and inspire national pride among the youth.

The tournament, held at Ooredoo's headquarters, witnessed spirited competition among twenty teams, fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship.

Ooredoo Kuwait's Ramadan initiatives underscore its dedication to making a positive impact on society, preserving Kuwait's cultural heritage, and giving back to the communities it serves.

By engaging in charitable activities, cultural celebrations, and community outreach, the company demonstrates its role as a responsible corporate citizen committed to upgrading the world of its customers.