Dubai, UAE – OMNIYAT, a leading Dubai visionary developer, has revealed exclusive insights behind the engineering methodology of its ongoing masterpiece, AVA at Palm Jumeirah, Dorchester Collection, Dubai, that has been recently awarded to Innovo Build LLC, one of the largest specialist high-end contractors in the UAE. The architects and engineers of AVA at Palm Jumeirah have shared intricate details behind its unconventional steel structure, allowing them to curate a distinct structure for seamless living without boundaries.

Using a steel structure for this one-of-a kind-tower in-lieu of the traditional concrete structure will enable thinner columns and beams across its dramatic spans, enabling the ‘sloping’ tower forms of the graceful design. Testing the limitless possibilities of engineering, AVA at Palm Jumeirah’s façade elements will reach unprecedented architectural standards with impressive floor to ceiling sliding doors to the main terrace area, curved glazing panels that align with the floor plate, all with the highest quality specifications to maintain both thermal and acoustic requirements.  Further, its steel structure is expertly designed to incorporate large, cantilevered terraces — exclusive to each individual resident’s curated living space.

AVA at Palm Jumeirah is being created on the first premium plot on Palm Jumeirah, next to OMNIYAT’s One at Palm Jumeirah, Dorchester Collection, Dubai. It will be home to 17 curated living spaces which will include a phenomenal 4-level Sky Palace that was recently sold for AED220 million. With one residence per floor, each with its own private pool, AVA at Palm Jumeirah affords complete individuality, premium comfort, and privacy.

With services managed by global hospitality brand, Dorchester Collection, AVA at Palm Jumeirah is one of OMNIYAT’s architectural masterpieces that act as living canvasses for the wishes and ambitions of the world’s most discerning. Through careful attention to detail, curation of world leading architects and designers, and spirited dedication in pushing the limitless boundaries of architecture, OMNIYAT is elevating extraordinary futures.

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