Muscat: Oman LNG has remained steadfast in its mission to contribute to the nation’s sustainability agenda. In its most recent endeavour, the company confirmed its participation as a strategic partner in the upcoming Oman Sustainability Week (OSW), scheduled to be held from 12 to 16 March 2023 at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center (OCEC).

An event of national importance, OSW will be hosted under the Ministry of Energy and Minerals. The event is well-equipped to highlight Oman’s commitment to sustainability leadership, the event will bring together key stakeholders, policymakers, sustainability experts, and industry leaders from different sectors.

As part of its business sustainability scope, and to ensure the sustainability of both its operations and community reach, Oman LNG has initiated several strategic projects such as the Power Project, a new gas-engine power plant which will increase the plant efficiency as well as will boost Oman LNG’s environmental performance and reduce its carbon footprint.  The company has also invested in research and exploring ways to reduce its carbon footprint and enhance its sustainability.

To ensure its sustainable contribution to its community, Oman LNG earns a dedicated portion of its net income after tax (NIAT) annually to invest in social investment programmes. Taking a holistic approach to sustainability and in close alignment with Oman Vision 2040 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the company’s initiatives pan across various segments. Oman LNG has helped empower, enrich, and boost the well-being of people, protect the biodiversity of Oman, and spearhead several sustainability programmes directed at transitioning to a green, circular economy.

Commenting on Oman LNG’s participation and support at the event, Dr Amor Al Matani, Chief Executive Officer of Oman LNG Development Foundation said, “As a progressive, dynamic and resilient company, Oman LNG has seamlessly adapted to the evolving realities of the global energy landscape. As such, sustainability plays a major role in Oman LNG's business activities, initiatives and projects. The company has translated such commitment through the delivery of reliable energy worldwide, where it uses cutting-edge techniques to implement sustainable practices for a cleaner sustainable future. Our continuous investment in technologies has helped us achieve the set sustainable targets while reducing our carbon footprints. We have been able to strike the right balance between cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly operations.”   

He added saying, “At Oman LNG, we continue to deliver enhanced shareholder value by taking a proactive stance on embracing, implementing, and advocating ESG practices. Our sustainability strategies also further attest to our ethical stance while highlighting the efforts made towards diversifying into renewable and clean energy."

Oman LNG’s keen emphasis on promoting energy sustainability and maximising economic value is evident from its consistent participation at global and local environment summits. Keeping pace with Oman’s decarbonisation agenda, Oman LNG joined the National Hydrogen Alliance ‘Hy Fly’ to contribute towards achieving Oman's Net Zero Emissions target by 2050.

The company has also continued to record progress in its Debottlenecking and Power Plant projects that is aimed at improving the plant's efficiency while reducing its carbon footprint and increasing environmental performance. With regard to people and boosting In-Country Value, Oman LNG inked various agreements to develop local talents and nurture an empowered generation. In addition, the company also played a leading role in hosting the ICV Global Practitioners event.

As part of its sustainability efforts, Oman LNG dedicated a total of RO 3 million to finance the establishment of Sur Public Park, which is designed to be a self-sustaining project that provides numerous opportunities for entrepreneurship and tourism while promoting environmental sustainability. Determined to make an impact, the company also covered the cost to install solar panels in 32 Omani Women’s Association in an endeavour to optimise consumption. At the forefront of supporting innovation, Oman LNG collaborated with Ejaad to fund the Sultanate’s first-of-its-kind biogas plant to power a generator, which will be installed at Mazoon Dairy’s Site.

Through its various efforts and participation at OSW, Oman LNG seeks to demonstrate its unfaltering commitment to sustainability goals and inspire the larger community to make sustainable practices a habit.

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