Cairo: In cooperation with Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate (AFGRE), Egypt’s leading real estate developer, Misr El Kheir Foundation opened a number of development and service projects in Manshaat Al-Dahab Al-Qibliyya village, located in Minya Governorate. 

The collaboration comes in line with the group’s “Festival Cares” initiative and social responsibility strategy, which focuses on providing for those who are underprivileged across Egyptian governorates.

In his speech, Mohamed Al-Refai, CEO of Misr El-Kheir Foundation, said “The new partnership with Al-Futtaim Real Estate Group (AFGRE) aligns with our keenness to cooperate with private sector institutions and accentuates the development coordination with NGOs. This helps support the underprivileged villages and cities in many governorates; in accordance with the efforts to foster community development in all fields.”

He went on to say that the inaugurated projects align with the Foundation’s strategy aiming to develop the Egyptian people by focusing on basic services and improving the local environment.

Meanwhile, Eng. Amal Mobadda, CEO – Fundraising Sector – Misr El Kheir Foundation, said: “This development project aims to enhance the living conditions of the villagers by providing the Manshaat Al-Dahab Preparatory School with the essential requirements in order to raise its construction efficiency to enable it to offer advanced educational services. Achieving this will help improve the teaching and learning outcomes for about 420 students and accommodate dropouts in the village.”

She further explained that the new projects also included renovating the houses of the most eligible families. An allocation was made to improve the rooftops of about 20 homes and deliver water to about 15 homes, which contributes to implementing sustainable development goals, especially those concerned with quality education and health, and meeting basic needs of eligible families.

From his end, Eng. Ashraf Ezz El Din, Managing Director of Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate (AFGRE), voiced fervent hopes that the new projects would provide underprivileged families with a better life. “We grasp on every chance to provide vulnerable families with humanitarian services, so they become productive ones, thus achieving social justice, economic development, and a decent life based on justice, integrity, and engagement. This highlights our social responsibility toward the community through supporting development work to help upgrade the society.”

In addition, a veterinary convoy was held to provide all the necessary veterinary services, aiming to develop the livestock and achieve economic growth for the villagers as well as comprehensive development of the whole village.


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