Nadhmi Al-Nasr, CEO of NEOM, emphasized the progress on the ground, the scale of future opportunities and commitment to collaborating with globally renowned contractors to achieve NEOM's vision.

NEOM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – NEOM, the sustainable development taking shape in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, has brought together over 100 of the world’s leading construction companies for a two-day industry forum. The gathering, which took place in NEOM, demonstrated on-the-ground construction progress while highlighting future developments, as NEOM advances into the next stage of its vast portfolio of projects.

As NEOM’s projects transition into a new phase of execution, the demand for top-tier construction proficiency is vital to deliver some of the most ambitious development projects the world has ever seen. These bold projects include the 170 kms long city, THE LINE, currently being built in modular phases with the first phase welcoming residents in 2030. The forum also highlighted the importance of innovation within the industry, and how traditional construction methods will not meet the scale and scope of NEOM. Additionally, the on-the-ground progress was showcased throughout NEOM, including construction progress on THE LINE, the Spine, Oxagon, Trojena and the NEOM International Airport. 

The forum opened with an address by Nadhmi Al-Nasr, CEO of NEOM, stating: “As we go into our busiest ever phase of development, the scale of opportunities across NEOM is monumental. With projects progressing fast across all parts of the region, we are committed to collaborating with globally renowned contractors to achieve the vision of NEOM.” 

Attendees benefited from insights into the plans and scope of upcoming opportunities. In addition, they visited project sites to witness first-hand the construction that is currently taking place, which is already on a massive scale seldom seen anywhere in the world. The event also included one-on-one meetings, during which specific business opportunities were discussed as contractors displayed their services and capabilities. 

The forum hosted a mix of firms from Saudi Arabia, along with international firms from Asia, Europe, North America, and North Africa.

Construction is currently happening throughout all of NEOM, with a construction workforce of over 140,000. With the help of the companies that participated in the forum, the workforce is anticipated to grow to over 200,000 by next year.

About NEOM

NEOM is an accelerator of human progress and a vision of what a New Future might look like. It is a region in northwest Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea being built from the ground up as a living laboratory – a place where entrepreneurship will chart the course for this New Future. It will be a destination and a home for people who dream big and want to be part of building a new model for exceptional livability, creating thriving businesses and reinventing environmental conservation.

NEOM will include hyperconnected, cognitive cities, ports and enterprise zones, research centers, sports and entertainment venues and tourist destinations. As a hub for innovation, entrepreneurs, business leaders and companies will come to research, incubate and commercialize new technologies and enterprises in groundbreaking ways. Residents of NEOM will embody an international ethos and embrace a culture of exploration, risk-taking and diversity.

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