• This cooperation Ensures Enhanced Security for the Company's Infrastructure and Protects Employee and Client Data

Cairo: In a strategic move to embrace cutting-edge technological solutions, Misr Italia Properties (MIP) cooperates with CrowdStrike, a renowned cybersecurity firm; aiming to fortify the cybersecurity infrastructure within the company, ensuring the resilience of its information network and protecting customer and employee data against potential cyber threats or unauthorized access. Under the terms of this agreement, CrowdStrike will provide a portfolio of comprehensive services, including endpoint security and cloud operational load security, cyber threat monitoring, and responsive services. This initiative underscores Misr Italia Properties' unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and providing tangible added value to both its clientele and the broader real estate sector.

This collaboration involves leveraging CrowdStrike's expertise in cybersecurity services to secure MIP's technological infrastructure. As one of the leading real estate development companies striving to keep pace with modern technology and advanced data security methods. The contract also includes the provision of a comprehensive security defense system with open-response hours in case of cyberattacks, backed by a guarantee of up to $1 million in the event of any data breach. This illustrates CrowdStrike's confidence in the effectiveness of its solutions to counter any cyber threat, regardless of its severity.

This is to reaffirm that Misr Italia Properties' strategy to collaborate with major entities to enhance the value of its projects and provide unique services to clients, aiming for an unparalleled living experience. CrowdStrike, being a global company with extensive experience in deploying cybersecurity, information security, and electronic cloud security solutions, aligns with MIP's goals to offer secure solutions for clients, protecting information systems and technological infrastructure, in line with sustainable development objectives and Egypt's Vision 2030.

This cooperation underscores Misr Italia Properties' recognition of the critical importance of data security at a time when global losses from cyberattacks in 2023 reached $8 trillion. Cybercrime has become a sophisticated form of organized crime, involving attacks on servers, and corporate websites, data breaches, fraud, and theft of payment card data.


About Misr Italia Properties

Misr Italia Holding has been at the vanguard of developing Egypt’s leading real estate market for years. It is known for providing paramount projects for residential, commercial, coastal, and hospitality properties across Egypt. The company’s land bank, of 7.1M squared meters, stretches across Egypt with 25 residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. Flagship projects include IL Bosco, Vinci & Vinci Street in the New Administrative Capital, La Nuova Vista, IL Bosco City, Garden 8 and Cairo Business Park in New Cairo, Kai Sokhna in the Red Sea, and Solare in the North Coast.

About Crowdstrike:

Crowdstrike is the leader in the end point protection incident response threat intelligence and   Data protection. The US base company secured more than 17% of the total global end points with a historical record of zero breach history. With up to 1M$ prevention warranty CrowdStrike is providing the highest level of commitment.