Dubai: Microbyte, a leading ICT security service provider, has urged Middle East businesses to step up their efforts and be extra vigilant of the threats posed by cyber attacks, emphasising the importance to invest in a robust infrastructure system for their day-to-day operations.

With the widespread use of technology continuing to bring an increase in cybercrime and the Middle East region establishing itself as a key market for business, trade and tourism, companies of all sizes are facing constant challenges to stop these sophisticated threats.

According to a Kaspersky report, there was a 17 per cent increase in malware attacks in the Middle East in the first half of 2021. This malicious software is designed to damage a device, server or an entire online network when users either click on an infected link, open an attachment or by downloading a malicious application.

As part of their on-going efforts in providing bespoke ICT support services to prevent problems, Microbyte has shared three valuable tips that companies should follow:

1. Don’t rely on Cloud providers to protect your data

Cloud platforms such as Google or Microsoft 365 are popular choices for businesses who can benefit from a range of factors including unparalleled convenience, reliability, scalability, and unlimited storage capacity.

However, users should not rely solely on these platforms to protect their data because if any key information or documents are corrupted, encrypted or deleted, either in a cyber attack or by accident, the data will be lost forever unless it was backed up.

Additionally, tools that are part of Clouds should be configured properly and overseen by an experienced team of ICT technicians that understand security and know how to protect users and data.

2. Improving staff’s knowledge on the potential impact of cyberattacks

Each member of staff should undertake training so they are familiar with how to use software and technology tools that will be part of their day-to-day roles while being alert and understanding the importance of how data should be managed and stored.

3. Invest in a ICT service provider

With technology advancing at such a rapid rate and hackers finding sophisticated ways to obtain data through different platforms, business owners should consider hiring an ICT service provider that oversees its operations.

It is vital that they appoint an organisation that understands the business and not just focuses on technology as they have the knowledge and expertise to build strong and secured networks that can help prevent the risk of data being stolen.

Yusuf Yeganeh, Managing Director of Microbyte, said: “We are living in a period where technology is constantly at our fingertips with the majority of our everyday tasks being done through digital platforms. While it makes our lives much easier, we should not forget that cyber attacks are continuing to increase at a rapid pace and anyone could be impacted.

“You never know when your system will be attacked, therefore it is vital to plan carefully and be one step ahead otherwise it could have major consequences for your business.”

Microbyte has been supporting an international client base, providing IT services around the clock for two decades. The organization has offices in UK and Dubai.