• Norway maintains its position as the global leader in EV readiness in the ADL GEMRIX 2023 report, highlighting its continued commitment to electric mobility.
  • UAE and Qatar secure spots in the global top 10, ranking 7th, and 9th respectively in the GEMRIX 2023 report.
  • MENA countries Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia are also featured in the global rankings.
  • Government initiatives and public-private partnerships are driving the expansion of EV infrastructure in the MENA region.

Dubai, UAE: Arthur D. Little, the world’s first management consulting firm, has released its latest Global Electric Mobility Readiness Index (GEMRIX) 2023 report. The report reveals significant advancements in electric vehicle (EV) readiness across the MENA region, with the United Arab Emirates and Qatar notably ranking 7th and 9th of all investigated markets globally. This achievement signifies the MENA region's commitment to sustainable transportation and their aim to reduce carbon emissions.

GEMRIX 2023, the third edition of the study, expands its scope to include 35 markets across all continents. making it the most comprehensive electric vehicle market readiness indicator available in the industry today. This expansion highlights a notable surge in global EV adoption, driven by government initiatives and consumer willingness. Particularly in the MENA region, the transition to electric vehicles is not just a trend but a strategic move aligned with broader climate action plans. These efforts are aimed at both economic diversification and addressing environmental concerns, as the transport sector undergoes a significant shift toward sustainable energy to combat its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. In the MENA region, the push for electric vehicles (EVs) is not merely a trend but a part of broader national strategies to combat climate change and diversify economies. While Norway maintains its position as the global leader in EV readiness, China emerges as a close contender. Following these benchmark markets, countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia are making strides in their EV readiness, driven by both government initiatives and public-private partnerships. These efforts are aligned with global commitments to net-zero emissions, making e-mobility a strategic focus for governments and automotive executives alike.

Joseph Salem, Partner and Travel and Transportation Practice Lead at Arthur D. Little Middle East, commented, "The MENA region is uniquely positioned to contribute to the global e-mobility landscape. With varying demographics, economic conditions, and energy generation capabilities, these countries offer a rich tapestry of opportunities and challenges. The GEMRIX 2023 report sheds light on how MENA countries are not just participants but active contributors in shaping the future of electric mobility."

In the United Arab Emirates, the government's focus on sustainable transportation is evident. As part of the Dubai Green Mobility Strategy 2030, Dubai aims to have approximately 42,000 electric cars on its roads by 2030. The country has also made significant strides in charging infrastructure, boasting around 700 charging stations. Furthermore, a remarkable 82% of individuals in the UAE are willing to purchase an EV as their next vehicle.

Qatar is another MENA country making substantial progress in e-mobility. According to Qatar National Vision 2030, the country has already achieved its target of electrifying 25% of its public transit bus fleet by 2022. Financial institutions in Qatar are facilitating the adoption of EVs by offering green financing options, and approximately 74% of individuals are considering an EV for their next vehicle purchase.

Andreas Schlosser, Partner and Global Lead of the Automotive Group at Arthur D. Little, stated, "The data speaks volumes about the accelerated pace of EV adoption in the MENA region. The commitment from both governments and the private sector is not just aspirational; it is backed by actionable plans and significant investments. The high willingness among consumers to switch to electric vehicles further solidifies the region's role as a key player in the global transition to sustainable mobility."

The findings of the GEMRIX 2023 report highlight the meaningful progress being made in the MENA region toward a more sustainable future in transportation. Government initiatives and collaborations between public and private sectors are effectively broadening the scope of electric vehicle infrastructure. These efforts are aligned with global commitments to achieve net-zero emissions, making the reduction of carbon emissions a tangible goal. Advances in electric vehicle technology are also making these vehicles increasingly accessible to a wider range of consumers. As a result, the MENA region is not just adapting to the global shift toward electric mobility but is actively contributing to it, signalling a future that is both promising and sustainable.

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