Dubai, United Arab Emirates- Luna Media Corporation, a media conglomerate founded in 2017, announces the launch of Chief Block, a recruitment agency which addresses the need for specialized recruitment services catering to companies in the Web3 and emerging technology sectors.

Based in Dubai and serving a global clientele, Chief Block is set to bridge the hiring gap in the industry with a mission to bring experienced professionals to organizations in a new and emerging sector.

"At Chief Block, our mission is clear: to connect exceptional executive talent with visionary organizations in Web3 and Emerging Tech," said Nikita Sachdev, Co-Founder at Chief Block. "We are dedicated to being effective game changers, driving advancements that reshape the future of technology."

As a leading boutique recruitment agency, Chief Block specializes in placing C-level professionals with their dream jobs worldwide. With a practical commitment to excellence, Chief Block acts as a trusted partner, connecting organizations with the best talent in the Web3 and emerging technology industry.

“We understand the unique demands of Web 3 and emerging tech roles”, said Harmesh Johal, Co-Founder at Chief Block. "Paired with an extensive network that spans the globe, we not only match top talent with leading companies but also actively contribute to the advancement of Web 3 and emerging technologies”.

Chief Block's services span across two key areas:

  • Web3: Committed to supporting organizations in finding the perfect fit for their Web3 endeavors, exclusively sourcing C-level talent to build their management teams.
  • Emerging Tech: Connects forward-thinking companies with the brightest minds in emerging tech at the executive and management levels.

Luna Media Corporation is a media group that has built a network of clients, employees, partners and relationships over the years since its inception in 2017. Chief Block’s inception was the brainchild of its founders in which they recognized the friction and problems that companies face in the fast growing sectors of tech and Web3.

About Chief Block

Chief Block is a boutique recruitment agency based in Dubai, specializing in Web3 and emerging technology executive talent. With a mission to connect exceptional talent with visionary organizations, Chief Block is dedicated to shaping the future of technology. For more information about Chief Block, visit

About Luna Media Corporation

Luna Media Corporation is a media group that invests, owns and operates companies within the media and web3 industries. Founded in 2017, Luna Media Corporation aims to bring mass adoption of web3 through the media. The company is headquartered in Dubai with offices in Miami, Singapore, and London. Luna Media Corporation houses a variety of investments that are independent from one another. For more information about Luna Media Corporation, visit the website: